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Comment: Re:Living in KC (Score 1) 88

by SydShamino (#48166501) Attached to: Google Fiber To Launch In Austin, Texas In December

And it will take just as long to get it in Austin. The summary says that this was announced back in April, but it was announced (and the linked story is from) April 2013. It's been 16 months to learn that in two months neighborhoods with the same density as mine, but in another part of town, can sign up for fiber. They'll get it some time after that. It seems unlikely to be before 2017 in my neighborhood now.

Comment: Re:Just tell me (Score 1) 463

by SydShamino (#48151789) Attached to: Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker

The reason the flu is so scary is because it could mutate into something that kills 70% of the time. And that's just as likely (or moreso) than ebola mutating into something that's airborne. See how easy it is to use that logic both ways?

Anything that might kill us has two parts:
1. Chance of it happening to us.
2. Chance of it killing us if it happens.

Our powerful pre-frontal cortex should multiply the two, and realize that something with a 0.0001% chance of happening and a 70% chance of killing us is no more or less life-threatening than something with a 70% chance of happening and a 0.0001% chance of killing us. But our primitive hunter-gatherer brains increase our fear of rare but occasional events, and downplay our fear of regular events, so we distort that curve.

To pull a few more statistics out of my ass, I bet there are many people who demand the government do everything they can (including suppressing civil liberties like freedom of travel) to protect citizens from ebola, while they simultaneously hate and condemn the government for its efforts to restrict smoking. And I bet more of those people will die (at an otherwise young and healthy age) from smoking than ebola.

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by SydShamino (#48151529) Attached to: Facebook and Apple Now Pay For Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs

>> If they work so much now so they don't have time to find someone, is this really the solution to the correct problem?

Why do you presume they haven't yet "found the right man"? Maybe they just don't want to have kids yet, but realize that it's far better/cheaper/safer to extract eggs at 24 instead of 38?

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by SydShamino (#48116413) Attached to: The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola

Licking was a comical exaggeration. But curtains are sufficient to separate adult patients and prevent cross contamination, no "separate rooms" necessary. Families with children are a bigger concern but ultimately the safest and most practical course is to keep those kids with their parents, and keep them all at home.

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