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Comment Re:My experience ... (Score 2) 165

On local Craigstlist, I can sell LEGO for around $8 a pound (or up to like $12 a pound if it's mostly Star Wars pieces).

LEGO pops up pretty regularly at the Goodwill Outlet, where they dump unsorted donations in giant bins and you can take anything you want for $1.29 a pound. It's a good hobby and side income when I have time to spend a few hours digging through rubbish, and there are other interesting and valuable things besides just LEGO.

Comment Re:A good thing? (Score 1) 160

Android supports monthly updates; it's the carriers that don't give a crap. The Google Nexus devices get monthly Android security updates pushed over the air, so it's possible. However, carriers want a few months to "certify" the devices to run on their own networks, i.e., cram that shit full of their "value-added" software. If you give a shit, buy a Google Nexus device.

Comment Re:An Oscar in the works? (Score 1) 255

Once? Sure. But the same thing happened last year, and there were performances both years that those in the industry generally consider worthy of inclusion.

That's the insidious nature of subtle racism. One event alone might look normal, or at least reasonable, but if you have enough events to show a statistical trend it can betray even the subconscious intentions of the racists. In this case, the hypothesis is that the large numbers of voting academy members added in the 1970s and 1980s, many of whom are long out of the film industry, may tend not to watch certain types of films or favor certain types of actors based on the world in which they were raised in the 1950s and 1960s. It may not be on purpose, no, but it might not represent the frame of mind that the academy wants when nominating for awards. They would rather see nominations more heavily influenced by people who are still involved in the industry, and they'd like to make sure that those people are drawing from all parts of the industry, not just the Hollywood elite. So that's what they are doing with their new rules - not creating a quota system.

Comment Re:Recharge? (Score 2) 111

The subject is robotaxis. There are no drivers. The car can drive itself around for about four or five hours, then sit around all by itself for a few hours to recharge.

Or, more likely, they would use superchargers to recharge in 30 minutes in the mid-afternoon lull, then recharge fully overnight to be ready for the next morning.

Other options, like swappable batteries or electric cables strung over the streets to power the motors, seem less likely.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1, Insightful) 20

That's the thing about bankruptcy, after a debt is written off you aren't required to pay it back, even if you make a bunch of money almost a decade later. If it worked any other way, then it's not really bankruptcy, is it?

And they paid back all the taxpayer money. And those pensioners ended up owning much of the new GM. It's the suppliers to the old GM that lost out the most.

Comment Re:Get real audio recordings (Score 2) 135

> Actually, from an audio engineering perspective, this is quite true (at least for vinyl), since all records were run through a low cut filter in order to eliminate rumble/skipping due to low sonic frequencies distrubing the needle in a record groove.

sub 20 hz would be filtered by the rest of the audio chain (hello psychoacoustic filter on all compressed music), or would end up disturbing the mix anyway. Judging the excursion of the speakers in some badly mastered techno records, i think that vinyl can go sub-20hz.

The problem with skipping is instead the low frequency phase, due to the way stereo information is encoded in the groove.

> If we are talking a clean, complete signal, vinyl records have plenty of deficiencies of their own, despire what so-called "audiophiles" might tell you.

Well I'd first scrap 44.1khz, cellphones, pc speakers, crappy DACs, only then I'd look at vinyl.
The low range is good enough on vinyl, it's the upper range that suffers, plus those pops and noise.

OTOH the sound of vinyl is not a clean signal + the noise of the needle on the groove, it's obvious that picking up the signal distorts it more than a DAC does, whether that ends up in a pleasant effect, not unlike valves, it's debatable. Personally I listen to the music, not the system.

Comment Re:the diesel car has always confounded me. (Score 4, Interesting) 496

A full urea tank on our BMX X5d lasts at least 3-4 years (we've had to have it refilled once), so it's no where near "30 days". The idiot light is pretty good, too; the car warns you for 1000 miles (counting down) that it won't start when the tank is empty. Now that might not work for a long-haul trucker, but is acceptable for a family SUV.

Comment Re:Let's make some assumptions... (Score 1) 163

I would bet that the second stage would be recovered somewhere else, not near the launch site. By the time the second stage booster completes its burn, it's already very, very far away and going very, very fast. It would make more sense to try to land it in Africa or Europe or the Pacific rather than to make it fly back to the launch site.

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