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by SwedishPenguin (#46723745) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

I largely agree with your post, but really what you're saying about Sweden is woefully incorrect. There have been many highly publicized cases of obvious rape where the perpetrators have been acquitted with the motivation that it wasn't "obvious" enough that the victim was not in on it. Enough so that there is debate about enacting new laws to deal with the problem. I admire what Assange has done for the world, but don't take his characterization of Sweden to be the truth without doing some research of your own.

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by SwedishPenguin (#45746501) Attached to: IDC: 40 Percent of Developers Are 'Hobbyists'

While I agree that it's nice to distribute the code that generated your results, this is hardly the only way for other researchers to know how to go from data to results.. This is the entire purpose of the published paper, to describe what you did, in words and math, sometimes in psuedo-code.

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I have many choices, but I don't really see why anyone would have this need of having a choice between 300 different providers which are all trying to screw you over in order to maximize profits for their owners, rather than one provider which has a democractic mandate to benefit citizens rather than owners. The electric market is a natural monopoly, whoever owns the grid calls the shots. In my city, the local grid was sold off by "free market"-worshipping liberals like yourself years ago, the result is not pretty.

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That's actually about what I use, I used about 160 kWh in October. Live alone in a 43 m2 one bedroom apartment, 42" flat screen TV, desktop computer with dual screens, tablet, phone, refrigerator and freezer, combination of LED and CFL lights, occasionally used stove and oven (mostly microwave, unfortunately). District heating, so that doesn't factor in to the equation. I don't see how people can use so much electricity use unless they heat they're running electric heating or AC.

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Ugh.. Would you please stop sounding like a typical American rube? I'm a socialist and I can guarantee you that Obama ain't one. What is so hard about looking up the definition of the terms you're using before spouting them off as some kind of nonsensical insult?

Also - spelling, grammars and general coherence would go a long way towards making your argument for you.

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This is not necessarily for bank operations, at least in Sweden, it can be used to log in to the bank but the banks have their own primary authentication methods that can in turn be used to obtain a bankid. Bankid is used for things like the tax authority.

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In Sweden ours is called BankID but I don't think it's the same vendor (the actual program I believe is called Nexus Personal), it's not in Java but is a native plugin, or a mobile app as that's how I'm using it, so much more convenient.
You would think they could cooperate and build a common system for stuff like this, especially with nations as small as ours.

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Understanding English in principle and understanding fast-paced dialogue in English are two different things entirely. My parents understand English (though they are somewhat reluctant to speak English), but they still rely on subtitles for English-language TV-programs. Also, kids don't achieve a level of English understanding that would be sufficient to watch many popular movies until maybe their mid-to-late teens, until then reading is their only hope of understanding popular movies.

That's not to say that this is the sole contributing factor, but I would agree with the GP that it does play a part. A larger factor is probably the traditional egalitarianism of our countries with little segregation, meaning kids performing bad and kids performing well are not segregated to the same extent as many other countries and can learn from each other, though this is going away more and more at least in Sweden as society is becoming more segregated, and this also coincides with a drop in our standing in international rankings.

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While I agree with your post, I think you should take another look the grandparent, it seems quite sarcastic.

We have our own ideologically blinded proponents espousing the supposed advantages of private vs public education in my country, with the difference that private schools are funded using the same means as public schools, they all get a set amount of money per student. It is now quite common to go to "free schools", these schools are allowed to profit from public funds and have both a large incentive to fudge the grades in order to make themselves look more attractive and an incentive to cut down on staff. They can get away with cutting staff because the free schools tend to attract the better students and can refuse students that require more attention, such as children with special needs. While Sweden still scores quite high on this test, we have slipped quite a bit, largely because differences between students have increased. Those doing poorly are now doing worse, stuck in schools where few of the students are doing well. This of course coincides with segregation in general being on the rise in this once-egalitarian country, but the free schools are certainly a major factor.

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He's more worried about being extradited to the US, and while politicians here say that won't happen and I sort of think that would deal a PR blow both to Sweden and the US, I don't blame him for thinking so considering how much Sweden currently kowtows to every whim of the US. Obama was here only last month after what was practically fawning love-letter from our prime minister to his idol, it was branded by our foreign minister (known for acting as a spy for the US embassy during right-wing government negotiations after the 1976 elections and for his subsequent close ties to the US) as a "feel-good" meeting. This is no longer the same country where the prime minister (Olof Palme, later assassinated) once condemned the firebombings of Vietnam resulting in US withdrawal of their ambassador.

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