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Comment: Re:Missing conversion in the summary (Score 1) 422

by Swave An deBwoner (#48187335) Attached to: Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

Not quite. You're converting "ounces" as a measure of weight. The "20 ounces" referring to soda is a measure of liquid volume.

Roughly, 1 gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. There are 64 fluid ounces in 1 gallon and 454 g in 1 lb.

(8.34 lb * 454 g/lb) * (20 oz / 64 oz/gal) = 1174 g.

Comment: Re:This sounds like something from The Onion (Score 1) 724

by Swave An deBwoner (#48049045) Attached to: Intel Drops Gamasutra Sponsorship Over Controversial Editorials

I suspect that Intel was not "listening to gamers' complaints" but rather listening to some of the big game manufacturers' complaints, e.g., maybe this ticked off somebody at Ubisoft:

There were several blog articles on this "incident" at Gamasutra.

Comment: Re:Advanced? Requires a Jailbreak & manual ins (Score 1) 72

by Swave An deBwoner (#48043059) Attached to: iOS Trojan Targets Hong Kong Protestors

jdale Ars Scholae Palatinae

FTR: if pangu team releases a public jailbreak with vulnerabilities disclosed to them during my training I consider this in no way okay.


So finally after 1.75 years of being known to me, having tought it to 50-70 students a "friend" takes the bug and sells a jb based on it.

I'm not even an iOS user, but in my opinion if he discovered an exploit and has sat on it for 1.75 years, I consider that in no way okay. The fact that he also shared it with other people makes it worse, even if it was only a small and supposedly trustworthy group. You cannot control a secret you've shared with 50 people, that's absurd. And any exploit you find is likely to be independently discovered as well, especially more than a year later.

countcracula Ars Scholae Palatinae

I am not involved in the scene at all but have watched from the sidelines while all of the petty arguments are tossed around and drama is happening. Stefan Esser has been a part of pretty much all of it. So I share this sentiment. You can share a secret with three people when two are dead.

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