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Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 167

Funny thing about this world, sometimes a stranger (in this case a dog) can indeed save your life.
Often it's the dog's own family, but sometimes it's someone who just happened to need help and was lucky enough that their distress was noticed by a dog.


Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 167

Pet dogs generally don't have parasites in their gut and if they do pick something up (generally by drinking from a standing body of water like a lake) their owner will soon notice the symptoms and take them to the vet for treatment.

Don't be so afraid of dogs. Dogs have lived with, worked and cared for humans for thousands of years and the rewards to humans have more than exceeded the drawbacks (like occasionally stepping in some poop).

Comment Re:Sure it's expensive (Score 1) 167

In NYC, in the late 1950s, a small soda bottle had a 2-cent deposit and a large soda bottle had a 5-cent deposit. In 2015, all soda bottles have 5-cent deposit. Think about the inflation from 1950s to 2015 and wrap your head around the fact that it basically did not touch bottle (and can) deposits. The streets here always have broken glass because slobs just toss their empty beer and wine bottles. The roads are cleaned regularly by the city sanitation department but the sidewalks are not; each apartment, business storefront, or home owner is responsible for cleaning their own little portion of the sidewalk. Guess how well that works out.

Comment But can you photograph the end result? (Score 1) 280

Fine. I can't take a picture of the food that was served to me.

But I can post the result after my digestive system has recast the original thereby creating a derivative work, right? That should make for a nice addition to any restaurant review.

Comment Re:Uber = Public subsidized (Score 1) 204

Comment Re:Taxis = artificial barriers to competition (Score 1) 204

ArmoredDragon writes: "So no pizza deliveries on regular insurance?"

Interesting question. According to this discussion on a Pizza Delivery Drivers Forum, apparently not:


“Delivery Liability” - If you deliver, put this in ice burg-sized chunks. No further discussion needed. Do not try to use your personal auto policy to cover business exposures. If you use your auto in business, make sure that you either have a business auto policy or that the insurance company knows exactly what you do with the auto. Remember, they have been at this a lot longer than you. They can, and will, see through any subterfuge you can dream up.

Comment The old "correlation is not causation" question .. (Score 1) 204

Did the study exclude the possibility that DUI arrests dramatically decreased not because of the availability of Uber but instead because of reduced police enforcement?

I'm asking this in all seriousness because traffic enforcement in NYC where I live has become nearly nonexistent. So the number of tickets for "failure to yield right of way", "reckless driving", passing a red light, and the rest of the traffic violations has "dramatically decreased" in NYC. But the number of drivers who do these things has increased to the point where it's not only dangerous to ride a bike or to cross the street, with the light, in a crosswalk (one is likely to get hit by a car making a turn on that same green light) but there are numerous instances of vehicles plowing into pedestrians on the sidewalk and crashing through the windows of stores and restaurants. Our mayor Bill deBlasio initiated a "Vision Zero" campaign to control this traffic carnage but it hasn't really accomplished much to date.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 210

Here in beautiful downtown Manhattan the majority of men who urinate in the street do not use a wall but instead step into the doorway of an apartment building or storefront and urinate into that. It gives them a comforting false sense of privacy (people walking by see only their back).

The NY Post went bananas though after photographing one poor homeless guy who was considerate enough to urinate in the gutter instead: http://nypost.com/2015/07/13/vagrant-back-to-peeing-in-the-streets-says-he-is-a-good-guy

This is part of their campaign against NYC's mayor Bill de Blasio. The NY Post hates him. Or at least Rupert Murdoch does. Apparently they want the mayor to make the homeless folks magically disappear.

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