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Comment: Re: Forest Circus. (Score 1) 299

by Swave An deBwoner (#48009903) Attached to: Forest Service Wants To Require Permits For Photography

For some people it can be rather hard to pay for the training and permits to be able to get a CCW permit.

Gee, if they didn't get their firearms training in the military and they have no family or friends to teach them and they can't afford to pay for training, I'm not sure I want them to be carrying.

Comment: Re:5 Ridiculous Myths You Probably Believe (Score 1) 222

by Swave An deBwoner (#47954757) Attached to: Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease

Yes, a pet peeve of mine.

With all the hype and hoopla insurance companies have been ladeling out about "wellness" and "preventive care", the fairly well established correlation between poor dental status (decay, gum disease) and heart disease goes unmentioned lest their hypocrisy be uncovered. and their profits diminished.

Comment: Why So Few Fatal Bike Crashes Lead to Arrest - NYC (Score 1) 463

Nothing new here. In NYC criminal prosecution doesn't occur unless the driver broke two laws while hitting the pedestrian or cyclist.

A couple of quotes from that article, statements by one of the prosecutors in the Bronx about why these cases don't get prosecuted:

"We as a society have chosen to drive these big cars," said Joe McCormack, Assistant District Attorney for the Bronx. It's his job to prosecute traffic crimes. "And we also as a society have chosen not to criminalize every single small mistake that just has a dramatic consequence because you're driving a car," he said.


"There are times where the factual situation that is presented to us doesn't rise to a crime," McCormack said. "And it's important to realize that the reason it doesn't rise to a crime is that society has made that decision that it doesn't want it to be a crime."

Comment: Re:I have Sharon's phone number if you want it (Score 2) 45

Ah, yes, you must have read her brief bio here:

Three times winner of the Nobel Prize, Sharon enjoys belly dancing and space travel.

If you see Sharon around your office, please open the door to let her in.

She's definitely hot.

Comment: Re:Lawn mowers (Score 2) 406

Yes, safely slow to a halt. Then get fatally rear-ended by the vehicle behind you because its driver was (a) following too closely and/or (b) not paying attention and/or (c) didn't get his brakes repaired.

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by Swave An deBwoner (#47610091) Attached to: Hotel Charges Guests $500 For Bad Online Reviews

He wrote: "so you wait the week or so until they return your deposit"

But their policy states "we reserve the right to refund at any time"

It is mathematically possible for "at any time" to be a period longer than one week, possibly much longer if they know that the customer has been royally stiffed. "Never" is a long time, but weeks, months, years -- those are possibilities that have been left open by their policy.

Perhaps you are the owner/manager of this "fine" establishment? Why not introduce yourself to the rest of the group here? Consider it free advertising.

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