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Comment: Re:The two things that have led me to oppose the D (Score 0) 649

There is disagreement over that.

"The new deterrence research has been discussed favorably and uncritically by national news outlets and has been declared persuasive in leading academic journals and by prominent scholars and jurists. Legal academics, such as Professors Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, both of the University of Chicago, find the new deterrence evidence "powerful" and "impressive." They couple it with "many decades of reliable data about [capital punishment's] deterrent effects" as the "foundation" of their argument, which holds that since "capital punishment powerfully deters killings," there is a moral imperative to aggressively prosecute capital crimes. Prof. Becker concurs, finding the evidence "persuasive," while Judge Richard Posner brushes aside worries about the possible execution of the innocent as we ramp up executions to achieve even greater deterrent effects. Twice, authors of some of the articles have appeared before the U.S. Congress, stating the case for deterrence."

Comment: Re:Hope the trend continues. (Score 1) 263

by SwashbucklingCowboy (#48847857) Attached to: Google Releases More Windows Bugs

"Google doesn't care about Microsoft's internal BS. Why should it?"

Because releasing that data two days before Microsoft releases a fix makes the world less secure, not more secure. The point of doing that security research is to make the world more secure, then Google does stupid shit and does the opposite.

Comment: Company should insist on license agreement (Score 1) 224

by SwashbucklingCowboy (#48155449) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?

If the company doesn't insist on a license agreement then walk away. Any lawyer worth his weight in rice would insist on a license agreement. If the company can't get that right all on their own they don't know enough about intellectual property to work with.

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