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Comment: Re:Fundamental problem with OUYA (Score 1) 107

by Svartalf (#46576005) Attached to: Ouya Dropping 'Free-to-Play' Requirement

Refurbished X-Box 360 or PS3? For $100? I don't know where YOU shop, but pretty much everywhere locally and online are selling refurbs for $150-200 on either console. Now, I'll agree the premise you're talking to is more sound at this time (Because the budget difference is realistically minimal...), but the concept they were aiming for was the best of the best in the Indie space making titles that were try before you buy for free. For all of the PS3 and X-Box 360 being "better" (Which, by they way, if you had adequate content to compare would be nearly at or on parity with those consoles for most titles...) you still don't have that with either of those two. You pay and keep paying. Which is fine because the used game market, at least for now, rocks. If they'd pulled it off a little better than they did...might be a bit of a different discussion there. As it stands, though, it's not "same price". Close, but no cigar there.

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by Svartalf (#46575927) Attached to: Ouya Dropping 'Free-to-Play' Requirement

Heh... This presumes two things:

* You've got a high-end ($700-900 retail...) cell phone that you're willing to use for this purpose.
* Said high-end phone doesn't bake itself running continuous duty at peak clock.

The Ouya and MadCatz MOJO are dedicated set-top devices- with fans and all. They're not designed for mobile service and are designed to actually put out peak operation continuously. A cell phone's not designed for that abuse. It can only really do it part of the time- and they're expecting you to replace the thing within 2-4 years max. The whole premise you espouse will make Samsung and the like *VERY* happy and you very poor...knock yourself out.

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by Svartalf (#46575859) Attached to: Ouya Dropping 'Free-to-Play' Requirement

Actually, they have the "right" hardware overall- but the problem's more that they didn't get it out fast enough to be eclipsed by MadCatz providing a system that's usable with the Play store and can run games right straight out of that along with fielding one of the most agrressive Android set-top configurations to date at the $200-300 price point. And, there's a few "good" games, but nothing killer or showcasing- because you can get the title in the Play store as well. The only plus they have is the thing they're now axing as a requirement.

What's disappointing is the walled garden they have, combined with the dearth (again, they have some good stuff- but most of it is the dregs...) of worthy titles on the system. $99 is a compelling story with what they have. It'd work if they had better stuff in their store.

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I'd think that $50B would go a long way to making something more sensible than wind/solar (Which are still and will be a boondoggle with $50B poured into it (Where in the heck do you store energy so that it's sustained instead of feast/famine? Right now, you can't realistically replace coal with either- and without the storage tech to MAKE it's a waste of time and money, bluntly put...)- which would be Thorium reactors.

Comment: Re:Force them to warrenty whole unit.. (Score 2) 526

by Svartalf (#46206741) Attached to: Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC

And one should design for those limits instead of falling back on "it's the software"- it's a brown paper bag moment to have breakable parts like that exposed in the firmware so that drivers or applications can break things.

I don't know about you, but I've spent decades making sure on digital designs and the like you CAN'T do that sort of thing. I can't be the ONLY one doing it- and it wasn't acceptable then for those items (they got REPLACED on the spot...) and it's not acceptable now (and it's illegal, pretty much like I said, to DO it the way Dell's playing it.)

Comment: Re:Force them to warrenty whole unit.. (Score 5, Interesting) 526

by Svartalf (#46206293) Attached to: Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC

And they're not fooling anyone either.

If there is software that can damage those speakers in the manner that Dell's trying to claim, it fails upon UCC 2-314 and UCC 2-315 out of box.

Per Mangusson-Moss, it's not legally possible for them to claim that their warranty is voided just because there is a piece of software put onto the machine because they didn't limit their warranty in this case in writing (and if they did put it in a fine-print manner, few would buy and they'd be in deep trouble with the Texas and other States Deceptive Trade Practices Act for doing so- because it's something that is deemed unconscionable (In fact, the TDTPA has the act in question as a laundry-list item for the's illegal out of box...)) and therefore, they have to PROVE (not just CLAIM) that it was the software in question for Mangusson-Moss to NOT apply here, that they did something deliberate to damage the product. Because of the explanation from one of the VLC crowd on the forum pretty much shoots that out of the water (Not realistically possible to damage the speakers unless the speakers were substandard or defective...), the Warranty STANDS. At this point, Dell has one of three options allowed them by the Uniform Commercial Code: Fix, Replace, or Refund. Seriously.

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