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Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return 346

Posted by samzenpus
from the back-soon dept.
Billly Gates writes A leaked alpha of Windows 9 has been brewing on the internet. Today a screenshot shows what MS showed us at BUILD which includes a start menu with additional tiny tiles for things like people, calendar, pc settings, and news etc. "The new hybridized Start menu appears to be part of build 9788, which was compiled on July 4. While no one seems to have leaked the ISOs for build 9788 yet, the general consensus seems to be that the build does indeed exist somewhere at Microsoft — and that it might also feature Windows NT kernel version 6.4 (i.e. the complete version number is 6.4.9788). The screenshots show a Windows 8.1 Pro watermark, but this isn’t unusual for a very early alpha of a new build of Windows. If this really is the next version of the Windows NT kernel, then we’re most likely looking at an early build of Windows 9 (Threshold) rather than Windows 8.2."

Phase-Changing Material Created For Robots 35

Posted by samzenpus
from the bend-it-shape-it dept.
rtoz writes In the movie Terminator 2, the shape-shifting T-1000 robot morphs into a liquid state to squeeze through tight spaces or to repair itself when harmed. Now a phase-changing material built from wax and foam, and capable of switching between hard and soft states, could allow even low-cost robots to perform the same feat. The material developed by MIT researchers could be used to build deformable surgical robots. The robots could move through the body to reach a particular point without damaging any of the organs or vessels along the way. The Robots built from this material could also be used in search-and-rescue operations to squeeze through rubble looking for survivors.

Hulu Blocks VPN Users 259

Posted by Soulskill
from the you-can't-get-there-from-here dept.
New submitter electronic convict writes: "Hulu, apparently worried that too many non-U.S. residents are using cheap VPN services to watch its U.S. programming, has started blocking IP address ranges belonging to known VPN services. Hulu didn't announce the ban, but users of the affected VPNs are getting this message: 'Based on your IP-address, we noticed that you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy tool. Hulu is not currently available outside the U.S. If you're in the U.S. you'll need to disable your anonymizer to access videos on Hulu.' Hulu may make Hollywood happy by temporarily locking out foreign users — at least until they find new VPN providers. But in so doing it's now forcing its U.S. customers to sacrifice their privacy and even to risk insecure connections. Hulu hasn't even implemented SSL on its site."

Comment: Re:Another Shitty Summary. (Score 2) 327

by SurfsUp (#40707171) Attached to: Microsoft Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever

They're not going to die this year, but they do have a long decline ahead of them, just like IBM in the 90s.

Unlike IBM they won't pull out of it because they have no lucrative hardware business to fall back and no loyal stable of clients to turn themselves into a service operation. And unlike IBM, who only earned the hatred of a few thousand professionals, Microsoft has earned the hatred of millions and is still working on it.

For Microsoft, this ends at $0 per share.

Comment: Re:Mod Up: Informative (Score 1, Informative) 327

by SurfsUp (#40707055) Attached to: Microsoft Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever

It's not from their "continued struggles", it's from a single acquisition 5 years ago.

Why do we keep hearing this tired apology over and over again? Aquantive was worth $6.2 billion on the day it was bought then slowly bled bit by bit until it was worth zero. What bled away was its "good will" (aka expected income) as it became increasingly apparent that Microsoft was unable to leverage Aquantive's auction model in the same way that Google had leveraged Applied Semantics.

Comment: Re:Yay! (Score 0) 327

by SurfsUp (#40706811) Attached to: Microsoft Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever

I actually read TFA and it said they lost $6B due to a bad acquisition and that's why the quarterly profits were where they were.

See, the real story here is that Microsoft has been concealing this loss by carrying Aquantive on its books at far more than its real value. They did this in order to make their quarterlies look better than they actually are, therefore support the stock price. Microsoft hoped that the market would then regard this as a one-time expense (when it was really an ongoing loss over a period of years) and thus forgive them. And judging from the aftermarket movement, this strategem has worked perfectly. Whether it is legal is entirely another question. The word "fraud" comes to mind.

Even if Microsoft gets away with this, which they probably will, one fact can't be denied: Microsoft is weakening. The upcoming Windows 8 debacle should put the icing on the cake.

Comment: Apple no longer a product company (Score 1) 306

by SurfsUp (#40682039) Attached to: Apple Wins Mobile Patent On Displaying Lists, Documents

Let's take inventory. IPhone 4s. A minor upgrade. Ipad 3. A minor upgrade, and a downgrade in terms of weight, thickness and battery life. New products. None.

OK, I think I can see the pattern now. Apple plans to milk its existing assets for everything they're worth and has no intention of creating new ones. That would cost money, you see.

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