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Comment: Re:mobile platform (Score 1) 424

by SupremoMan (#34631478) Attached to: Why Android Is the New Windows

Sort of like developing for the PC, right? I know, we should all move to vendor-locked consoles.

I was planning on posting something similar to this. I totally agree with this point. If you can run the same OS on the desktop with millions of hardware configurations, why is doing the same thing on a smartphone all of a sudden an issue?

Comment: Re:We will only need 0.2 Earths by 2030 (Score 1) 738

by SupremoMan (#33927308) Attached to: Humans Will Need Two Earths By 2030

Parent is accurate. The ensuing wars from USA's demise would severely deplete Human populations across the globe. Think how fast China would invade Taiwan. And Mongolia for that matter. How quickly would North Korea roll South. WWRD? What Would Russia Do? Say bye bye to Georgia, that's for sure. Venezuela invading Columbia? No that would never happen... Iran invading Iraq... I wonder. And these are just off the top of my head.

Comment: Re:Not equal (Score 1) 113

by SupremoMan (#33915538) Attached to: <em>StarCraft</em> AI Competition Results

Yes this is definitely the best feature of original SC! I loved how the team of players could also choose different races. And you started with the command structure of player #1 (Human CC for example), but you got your own drone or probe as a starting worker to build a Nexus or Hatchery later!

Personally I love coop in a RTS! Another game that had this feature was Conquest: Frontier Wars. Excellent game too. I recall one match where we had 3 players vs 2 players, with each side controlling only one empire. It seemed that the side with 3, which I was on, came out on top BY A LOT. It really makes a lot of difference if you can keep track and micro more of your empire.

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