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Comment Re:Freenet vs Bittorrent (Score 1) 53 53

though the fact that they've added the darknet mode suggests that that they aren't 100% confident about that!
That is completely and utterly wrong. The darknet mode was added to prevent harvesting of nodes simply by joining the network. In 0.5 (and in 0.7 with activated opennet) you can create a list of all Freenet nodes just by waiting. Nodes that do not have opennet activated are not found by this method (unless you are directly connected to them in which case you wouldnâ(TM)t need to search for them). That is the reason for darknet.
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Spore Editor Available June 17th 119 119

Dr. Eggman writes "Ars Technica heralds the coming of the creature editor for the highly anticipated Spore. A previously promised downloadable demo of the creature editor from the game, due on September 7th, will be available June 17th. Furthermore, a full version of the creature editor will appear as a standalone product at the same time for $10. According to EA: 'The demo lets players shape, paint and play with an unlimited number of creatures, using 25 percent of the creature-making parts from Spore. Gamers can then share these creations with their friends, including seamless uploads to YouTube.'"

Usability Testing Hardy Heron With a Girlfriend 846 846

toomin writes "Reviews of the latest Ubuntu version, 8.04 Hardy Heron, are everywhere, but most of them are undertaken by geeks familiar with Linux. This guy sits his girlfriend down at a brand-new Ubuntu installation and asks her to perform some basic tasks. Some of them are surprisingly easy, others frustrate and annoy. There are lots of little usability tweaks he stumbles upon just by seeing the desktop experience from the point of view of the mainstream user."

Who Runs RIAA's Settlement Information Center? 172 172

eatonwood writes "Who is behind the RIAA's collections efforts? This comment at CallFerret says it is a company called PSC and lists a bunch of websites and contact information for them, but the connection to RIAA is still not completely clear (aside from the presence of a couple of clearly RIAA sites on the same server as PSC's). Anyone know anything more about who is doing RIAA's dirty work?"

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