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Comment Well... (Score 1) 42

So they were surprised that their technology to track cars can be used to track cars? Who knew!

On a less sarcastic note, the problem seems to be that they don't require you to prove you're the owner of the car in order to register it with their system. Therefore, you could register anyone's car and use the malls' systems to track the real owner.

Comment Re:Bad Summary, Only new part is the sharing optio (Score 1) 487

I wonder, though, if you give your pass to a guest who is using win10 (unbeknownst to you) and your router is set to not allow win10 devices (is this possible? I'm not techie enough), would their win10 machine still save the pass and share it?

If so, you would need to do the banning personally. If your guest asks for your pass, you will need to personally check that they're not going to use it with a win10 device before you hand it over.

Comment Bad article (Score 2) 141

The blog from the summary cites no sources. Hell, they don't even hint at where they get their information. The other link to a story is a rehash of the blog post. The others are unrelated to the main story.

And in case you're wondering, the blog post doesn't say why they quit or what does "quitting" mean. One can assume from the text (though it doesn't actually say it) that the main space agency was disbanded by the government, but that's all. Why? Who knows!

This is some high-quality journalism here.

Comment Maybe I'm way off... (Score 1) 415

but isn't this a very stupid thing to do? I mean, one of the reasons MS can get away with windows is by hiding the actual cost to the consumer, since it's mostly bundled with the brand desktop or laptop you buy. At the end, most regular users really see windows as being free. Then in comes MS and starts waving invoices in front of their faces? People are going to start wondering if there's an actually-free alternative...

Comment Re:Abject brand mismanagement (Score 1) 352

Drivers? The only drivers you'll ever need are graphics drivers, and that's only if you're a gamer; otherwise the default video drivers work just fine.

This is of course anecdotal, but on my computer every time I install win7 I need to go looking for video, sound and modem drivers to even make it behave like a modern computer (and I still can't believe Windows asks me if I want to search the internet for those modem drivers). Then I have to install a bunch of other minor drivers to get all the functions back. And this with a dell laptop that came with win7.

Comment Re:Legal pemission? THEY GIVE IT! (Score 5, Interesting) 368

Not everywhere, though. I worked at technical service for a US cellphone carrier and I was instructed during training to refuse being recorded. If a customber told me that he was recording the call, I was to insist they turn it off, or I would have to end the call. Curiously, it was one of the very few reasons I was actually allowed to hang up the phone.

Comment Re:About time with dynamic PM (Score 1) 70

I believe it was Sony who submitted the 150 patches to the video driver for ATI cards a few weeks ago and I, like you, was very happy that they included DPM. Without it, my laptop would overheat playing solitaire and it was quite loud all the time. Since I could never get the Low Profile to work properly, I always had to switch to the propietary ATI drivers, which are quite retarded. Hell, it wants me to restart X every time I change my (dual) screen configuration!

I'm surprised the patches were accepted into this version of the kernel, though. I thought I'd have to wait until the next one.

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