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Comment: Rights and Wrongs of good code. (Score 1) 261

by SuperTechnoNerd (#46760317) Attached to: OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL
For starters I am by no means an expert in programming. I know enough to be dangerous, and to serve my own personal projects.
A while back a programmer friend of mine was guiding me in programming. Back then I wrote some C code, and in a error handling routine, I used the dreaded GOTO statement.
Boy did this unleash his complete wrath. He could talk about nothing else afterwards.
I was berated, screamed at, told I will never be a good programmer. I should give up now. GOTO's are the tools of a lazy ignorant and bad programmers. I am the worst programmer ever.. On and On. Any programmer that uses GOTO is a bad bad lazy programmer.
I then grepped through Linux kernel sources, and showed him that I found over 200 uses of GOTO's. He of course said they are not real programmers and they are just hacks, are lazy and stupid..... On and On...
So out of curiosity about the OpenSSL bug the other day, I looked at the sources, and low and behold, GOTO's everywhere.
I was shocked. Was this very important software written by hacks? Lazy, bad programmers? No wonder the serious security flaw..
Is GOTO the gold standard of a bad lazy programmer?
So I must ask you guys.. What's the deal? (needless to say I don't use them anymore :) )

Comment: Re:Don't bother. (Score 5, Insightful) 509

by SuperTechnoNerd (#46657855) Attached to: The Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates
People think that politicians on committees are by default, advocates of what that committee represents, in this case science. However in government, it is a powerful tactic to form a committee with the sole purpose to subvert, control, or even destroy that which it supposed to support and represent. What better way to change something that you don't like than to be in a position of making important decisions about that thing. There is a calculated reason why there are no scientists on such committees. That explains why they make no attempt to even have a high school level of understanding about science and it's methods. Because it's not about the science to them - it's about control. They already have their opinions formed and the rest is just window dressing. As you said they are very intelligent about how politics works. Why else would people so out of touch with science, who even hate it, want to be on a science committee if not to throw a wrench into the works and control it, and to use it to support their political (and religious) agenda.

Comment: Re:It Won't Work (Score 5, Insightful) 353

by SuperTechnoNerd (#46622437) Attached to: If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?
I ran a computer consulting company for years. I used to sell 5 - 10 new custom built computers a month. Now it seems the small device market (phones and tablets) have destroyed that. Perhaps I can get the government to make phones and tablets illegal, so I can go back to building computers and making profit...

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