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Comment: Re:Microsoft still has a chance... (Score 0) 248

by I. P. Freely (#46419349) Attached to: Steve Ballmer Blew Up At the Microsoft Board Before Retiring
Microsoft didn't buy Windows from anyone, nor Office, Visual Studio, X-Box, etc. And nobody was prevented from doing any legitimate thing via the public API in any version of Windows. In fact, Microsoft often went out of its way to make its components scriptable by third parties. So whatever the hell are you talking about?

Comment: You all do the same shit Microsoft does (Score 0) 742

by I. P. Freely (#46317017) Attached to: "Microsoft Killed My Pappy"
Remember what the big deal in the antitrust fiasco was? That's right, shipping a web browser with the OS, which every mobile and desktop OS now does! What a bunch of hypocrites, no wonder every Microsoft hater's post sounds like a child looking into a window and knowing nothing about what's really going on inside.

Comment: Re:Nope (Score 0) 537

by I. P. Freely (#45551793) Attached to: Why Bitcoin Is Doomed To Fail, In One Economist's Eyes

Bitcoin, as he alludes, is really a form of barter and not currency. Unlike currency, it is not very liquid. Having a million dollars in Bitcoin can't be converted in one fell swoop to dollars.

Maybe something didn't click in your head... Bitcoin is a currency. Dollars are just the middlemen here. If you earn Bitcoin and spend Bitcoin, where do dollars enter the picture?

Comment: Nobody is society's property. (Score 0) 440

by I. P. Freely (#44749033) Attached to: What Works In Education: Scientific Evidence Gets Ignored
Who are you? Parents have a natural right to raise their kids however they damn well please and I'm pretty sure you have your own superstitions you'd like to cram between their ears. Germany has an anti-homeschooling law, and guess when it was imposed? During Hitler's reign. When the government teaches the children, the government makes itself a god in their eyes. Just look at the fruition of this, all the doe-eyed fools worshipping Obama even as he strips their freedom and eats out their sustenance.

Comment: This enemy has a name (Score -1, Troll) 555

Barack Obama and his radical socialists, hard at work impoverishing you in everything that counts while you're distracted with Trayvon Martin and whatever race-baiting bullshit he shoves out the door. You get gay marriage but can't start a company or find a job. Healthcare is suddenly free but nobody can afford it. And you all think this is awesome?

Comment: WPF & Silverlight Devs On Windows RT: "We're O (Score 1) 246

by I. P. Freely (#44438445) Attached to: Asus CEO On Windows RT: "We're Out."
A lot of you don't seem like Windows developers, and you're on the outside looking in on this issue. You won't learn anything about WinRT's failure by analyzing Microsoft's marketing.

WinRT became persona non grata in 2011 when Microsoft scared its WPF and Silverlight developers into thinking .NET would be shitcanned to appease the C++ fools, and that everyone would have to use disgusting HTML5 and JavaScript to develop mobile apps in the future. Understandably, they fled in large numbers and Microsoft doubled down on its foolishness, doing nothing until Build 2011 to even rectify the issue. Worse yet, even after the fact, WinRT has no real .NET code compatibility with the desktop, so you have to fork your code base and cannot leverage jack shit. This is the real reason you do not and will never see apps for the platform. They should have had Ballmer's HEAD for this.

HEAD CRASH!! FILES LOST!! Details at 11.