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Comment Re:Hard to trust (Score 1) 205

The Windows and OS X Evernote clients are, in fact, offline apps that use the net only for syncing. If the Evernote service where to goof up and corrupt all my data, I could restore it from my Time Machine backup. If Evernote were to go chapter 7 tomorrow and vanish, I'd still have all my data, which can be easily exported right from the client without an Internet connection.

Comment Re:'Replying to undo moderation mistake. Sorry, pa (Score 1) 383

Rather than making it easy to undo moderation, they should fix the terrible zero-click UI for moderating, so that you need to confirm that you did select the correct post and that you did actually mean that moderation.

This sounds familiar. Where have I seen this used before? Oh right, that's how it works in D1! To this day, I have no idea why they thought D2 was actually an improvement.

Comment Boohoo (Score 5, Insightful) 90

Developing these patches consumes development resources, then must run through a QA process, and the patch needs to be communicated and distributed to users. And for a company like Adobe with a massive customer base using its Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash Professional, the bandwidth cost alone can be substantial.

Boohoo. Welcome to software development.

Comment Re:Stating the obvious (Score 1) 399

Apple's only server product is OS X Lion Server, which is geared towards small businesses that only need a single tiny server and have no expertise to manage a Linux machine. Other than that, Apple has systematically removed themselves from the server side of the industry. If the server is where the real money is, then how come Apple's 2011 revenues beat Microsoft's by 77%, and their profits by 40%?

The rise of mobile devices will certainly lead to a big increase in hosted services, true. However, most of the major hosted services providers (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.) all use Linux and/or UNIX for their backend. Microsoft has never had anywhere near the lock on the server side that they had on the client side.

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