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Comment Re:Common sense (Score 3, Interesting) 229

7000GW of nuclear power is coming to Iran right now. Iran signed a deal with Rosatom, Busehr is going to have three more 1GW units and they are going to build four 1GW units to the coast of Caspian sea. It seems that "someone" noticed this, especially when you look through Google Earth. Busehr 2nd unit renovation started this autumn and suddenly there is a bi-monthly picture update on it.

However I am not saying that solar power is a flawed solution for Iran, on the contrary: Iran is also a good place for solar power, they can build CSPs easily and use solar panels too. Their energy mix is going to be very wide from traditional fossils fuels to renewables and nuclear power. Just too bad USA is not going to receive a cent from that market. Or actually not, you economy is already too good, we europoors need some new business opportunities. :)

Comment Energy consumption is going to increase (Score 1) 645

If the rest of the world will go to 1/3th of 1st world energy consumption we will need a lot of new power in near future. "Renewables" are not enough even if we focus everything on building them.

I quote Dr. Ripudaman Malhotra @ TEAC7: (

If we want to replace one cubic mile of oil by 2050 we need:

200 Three Gorges dam. One built quarterly. We have perhaps three (3) rivers left for such installations. So, no new big hydro. Small perhaps but I personally enjoy more of free flowing rivers than dam lakes.

2500 900MW nuclear plants. One built every week. Completely possible, no shortage of fuel with fast neutron reactors where the remaining 97% of nuclear fuel gets used.

7700 900MW consentrated solar parks 25% availability (10x size of Andasol CSP). 3 a week for next 50 years. This is possible but getting difficult.

3 000 000 1.65MW windmills 35% availability. 1200 per week for next 50 years. This is where it starts getting hard. We need 50 million tonnes of steel/year (possible) and lots of rare earths (not possible) for generators, transmission lines and electronics and billions of tons concrete for offshore installations. All of them are big carbon emitters. Low power density creates need for large power networks, transmissions losses reduce the efficiency of such system. Still I say go for it where the wind is constant, like trade wind regions.

4 200 000 000 (4.2 billion) solar roofs 2.2kw 20% availability. 250 000 new installations _every_ day till 2050. I am sorry, this is not possible. We don't have enough roofs at places where people can actually afford solar roofs and their lifetime, even if increased to 35 years, is not enough.

So this is why we must build 4th gen Uranium-Thorium reactors with passive safety systems. Reactors which operate at 700-800C and produce process heat. Then we can decarbonize things like concrete production and recycle municipal waste/biomass to liquid fuels etc.

These new plants are modular where every part except of the concrete can be swapped when it gets old or fails some way. Concrete is long lasting stuff. It is possible to get Colosseum like lifetimes for these installations, 2000 years easily. 4th gen reactors close the nuclear fuel cycle so the unusable radioactive byproducts are minimal and they have a short half life.

What is worrying me is that the projected energy consumption is nine CMO (all energy forms converted to oil) by 2050. We are using 3.5CMO now. So basically we have to build everything non-fossil source we can. This is possible with nuclear because that is the one which actually makes money to finance the other not-so efficient energy sources.

Comment Apples for Nukes? (Score 1) 61

Apple Inc. Eula: "..You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons."

However I am ok with this. These nuclear explosions should be classified as art nowadays. Just do the dirty math with Linux and everyone should be happy.

Comment Re:With a RTG, it couldn't have got to the comet. (Score 3, Informative) 523

It seems there are a LOT of people who think RTGs are similar to nuclear reactors. Their idea seems to be that the RTG is heavy because it must have gamma radiation shielding around it. This is not true. RTGs emit alpha rays and heat, no gamma ray shielding is needed which means RTGs are lighter than solar panels producing equal amount of heat and and electricity.

Comment Re:Occams Razor (Score 1) 112

Yep. If we ever find some chemical traces of life I bet we will not limit the sampling for one time only. A moon disturbance will be detected within days of the observation because the spectra will show significant changes when the moon changes its orbital position to the planet. TFA gives a bad feeling, do the "scientists" have some other agenda behind them?

Comment Lots of Civilizations, too much noise (Score 1) 608

My counter argument to the Fermi paradox is this: if there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of nice and peaceful civilizations who all like astronomy, and specially radio astronomy, then perhaps they have forged an agreement that lets keep quiet for long periods of time so that all participants can do meaningful exploration of new civilizations, like us. Maybe the time to advance our radio-space exploration and understanding of cosmos is very short so we will shut up too (radio silence), very soon.

Perhaps we should start investigating what would be the "Central Universe Time (CUT)" or, "Central Galaxy Time (CGT), because if such agreement would exist then the silence would be certainly broken at defined time intervals. Transmission times would be naturally determined by prime numbers and some exotic mathematics. :)


Comment Re:Propaganda Piece fudges truth . . . News at 11 (Score 1) 846

This was because the polar vortex was not in its normal position. No connection with global warming, it just happens from time to time. When the polar vortex is over Canada and USA they have the cold weather and the Atlantic winds keeps carrying humid and warm air over here.

This Xmas was not the warmest in record although it was warmer than most of the years. Finnish Polar Circle is only ~700km from the Atlantic and the same goes for rest of the Finland. Atlantic weather systems bring a lot of rain and mild weather here.

Now we have the "normal" Siberian high pressure system pushing cold air here, it is -15C in Helsinki, temperature in Lapland above Polar Circle is between -9 and -30C.

So, when you see extremely high variation from the average temperature it is definitely not the global warming, it is a weather system anomaly. Those are local, not global, and have happened since the beginning of the Earths atmosphere.

Comment Who is more linked in? (Score 1) 276

Jang Sung-taek lifted himself to the power in his 20s via marriage. It is safe to say that he has had 40 years to build social networks within the North Korean elite.

Kim Jong Un is a heir to a communist tyrant but we didn't hear from him until 2009. It is quite safe to assume that he has had only four years of time to make alliances with the North Korean elite, military and Workers party - and only two years as a ruler.

Jang Sung-taeks network of people was most likely within the Workers Party of North Korea.

I would say that people who knew Jang Sung-taek is most likely in thousands and people who valued him is also very high. My guess is that now the fat boy has to be extra paranoid - he can not possibly know the extent of J.S-t's social network. Some of J-S.t's friend may have guns, or just a knives, and as we can see Kim Jong Un is not fat enough to be stab proof. I am expecting that North Korea may go to a bloody revolt after all.

Comment Re:Who created the damages in the frist place ? (Score 2) 59

Yes, I find this quite strange case indeed. Roman Vega was arrested in 2003. He has been incarcerated in USA since then. He is a Ukrainian citizen. He was accused of credit card theft and had to wait TEN YEARS to get his conviction. Now, since he is a first timer, and his ten years in jail must be counted in - shouldn't he be freed immediately? He is not a terrorist and the pre-2003 systems his hackers were exploiting were literally stone-age systems without any double or triple verification procedures.

Naturally the biggest question is that if this guy is only a operator of cybercrime www-site in Ukraine then what the hell he is doing in USA? Terrorism and murder I would understand but credit card crimes committed in the 90s and early 00s simply is an unjustified reason to kidnap foreign citizens and make them wait ten years to get their conviction. If your payment systems are so broken that 3rd world hackers have free reign over them you don't arrest the 3rd world hackers, you repair your payment systems. It would have taken less time and taxpayers' money than send FBI and Secret Service, kidnap this guy, jail him, hold legal processes for ten years and then jail him some more. Sugar on top is: USA has to loan the money to do all this.

Well, perhaps some United States citizen can explain this to me?

Comment Re:A simpler approach (Score 2) 151

Actually no.

Researchgruppen is an ultra-leftist organization, run by people who have committed assaults. They are offering a 50 000 SKR bounty for someone to hack the Flashback site to de-anonymize their political opponents there.

These "racist" sites are the ones which post news without Swedish white pixelization and political correctness. However it is true that there are comments which are negative - just like comments in any media outlet.

What Expressen and Researchgruppen did was that they de-anonymized their political opponents. They are also targeting people who have nothing to do with Swedish Democrats, just ordinary people who disagree with the nation wide consensus of immigration and do not want lose their jobs for expressing their opinions.

As a Finnish citizen I am very worried of the state of democracy in Sweden. Swedish media is hell bent to destroy Swedish Democrats and they use any means. Swedish ultra left is extremely violent and seems to enjoy total freedom. It is not the ultra right or racists who do the majority of political violence in Sweden.

Outing political opponents and making a illegal registers of identities breaks Swedish and EU laws. Harassing people because of this also breaks laws, anonymous or not, people have right to express their opinions in the network and ordinary citizens can not expect to be chased by the media or extremely violent political groups because of that.

We Finns always joke how Swedes "Diskuterar" so much of everything but it seems we are little bit outdated on that belief. Swedish media do not want to have civilized discussion and extremist groups are using violence to advance their cause.

Comment Self driving car is not the cheapest car (Score 1) 736

Kinda funny that everyone seems to miss one point - it is money. Self driving car is not going to be like a cheap Android tablet made in China for $40. It is not a simple thing "just add another CPU", it is a car wide system of sensors, computers and other devices to control the car. What this means is that it is never going to be as cheap as a car without AI. I haven't seen a car where the options would reduce the price, why would this be different? My prediction is that we will see AI cars coming to market very soon. They will cost +10k, maybe even more when compared to human driven models. Prices will come down when those are sold in millions. However there will be lots of people who can not afford a self driving car. What we will have is a mixture of AI premium cars navigating around poor people in human driven cars. Since AI cars cannot avoid human errors the biggest benefits will go to insurance companies. "That redneck wrecked my self driving Mercedes-Benz with his shitbox!" Guess who is paying all that? You.

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