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Comment Re:The US will start smaller (Score 1) 108

A football weights more and goes faster, fortunately they dont have to be registered. I think a better approach would be to regulate where you can fly. I just started on RC flying in Denmark, we have regulations that says you cant fly 5km from an airfield, above 100meter or near streets,near accidents and some other rules that ought to be common sense for most. If it was mandatory to register as RC pilot first, and complete a simple rc-license-test , i think the growing number of accidents could be reduced dramatically , with little impact of those who fly by the rules.

Comment Re:Dangerous Precedent (Score 2) 237

Canadians are lucky, us in Denmark are censored and billed in a way that will make north koreans laugh. We are being blocked from sites operating in other EU countries that sells real estate, because of a civil copyright dispute between 2 estate companies, still the court have ordered ISP's to block acces to the site ( . Other gambling sites are also blocked in similar cases as the topic, to gain revenue to the government supported gambling site. Top of the cake is that we have to pay 2460 DKK (360 USD) pr year for "being able to acces Danish Radios website". Anyone with a personal computer or smartphone , must pay this media license, regardless if you use their website or not. We must pay not because we use the service, but because "we are capable of". So dear Canada, while you have my sympathy, i just want to let you know it could be much worse.

Comment Re:Credential phising (Score 1) 474

I am more worried that they will screw up like the Danish provider YouSee did, they HAD a similar hot-spot system. Atleast until someone found a security flaw in the modem/router, permitting access from the guest network to the customers netowkr. This is a disaster waiting to happen again. The hotspot service is still closed, despite it happened in march.

Comment Re:CompuTrace (Score 1) 253

The CompuTrace solution is available on the majority of business notebooks, being a HP freak myself i can confirm it is available in most probook and elitebook series, while not available in the pavilion(private) segment. Fujitsu Siemens and Lenovo (and probably others) offer it too. It is not free, but should be considered as an insurrance. Hardware based solution is only way to go ,if the junkie that steals it cant surf porn on it right away, it will be reinstalled and all the fancy software solutions are gone.

Comment Re:BFD (Score 1) 184

I sure miss the part of history before the 10 years, more han i miss using itunes. There are (stille) wiki pages describing how apple computer tricked/sued/bought the Apple Corps right to the Apple name/brand.

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