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Comment: Well, duh, anyone with a sim can see that. (Score 1) 106

by VortexCortex (#46784291) Attached to: MIT Designs Tsunami Proof Floating Nuclear Reactor

Everything I need to know about energy logistics I learned from Sim City 2000.

You put the plants / reactors away from the city, out in the water, so that pollution doesn't bother folks and if there's an explosion, nothing else catches on fire. The cost of maintaining the power lines is far less than additional rebuilding costs after a disaster strikes and the plant blows. I guess next they'll discover it's fucking egregiously foolish to zone schools and residential next to industrial plants. In this case, they didn't even need a sim, they could just read a history book.

Comment: Re:Possibly Worse Than That (Score 5, Interesting) 163

by VortexCortex (#46783953) Attached to: Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

Little did they know that there is a EULA that comes along with my purchase. If they sell me a product, they are agreeing to a long list of provisions which they are free to look up on my Web site.

I did that for HTTP. You'll find our binding agreement in your server logs. In the HTTP user agent header:

(By continuing to transmit information via this TCP connection beyond these HTPP headers you and the business you act in behalf of [hereafter, "you"] agree to grant the user of this connection [hereafter, "me" or "I"] an unlimited, world wide and royalty free copyright for the use and redistribution of said information for any purpose including but not limited to satire or public display, and agree that any portion of an agreement concerning waiving of my legal rights made via this connection is null and void including but not limited to agreements concerning arbitration; By accepting these terms you also acknowledge and agree that these terms supersede any further agreement you or I may enter into via this connection, and that the partial voiding of agreements will be accepted as a contractual exception regardless of statements to the contrary in further terms agreed to by you or I via this connection. If you do not agree to the terms of using this connection you must terminate the connection immediately. If you do not or can not agree to these terms you do not have permission to continue sending information to me via this connection, and continuing your transmission will be in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.)

You can add such a clause simply by using any of the various User-Agent switchers for your favorite browser.

Comment: Re:Yay for government!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 132

by VortexCortex (#46775799) Attached to: Industry-Wide Smartphone "Kill Switch" Closer To Reality

IMEI blacklists are common in many countries, including the UK. When a device is stolen the IMEI number is put on the list and carriers reject the device and (potentially) notify investigators.

It's not the IMEI blacklists that I'm worried about. See, if we already have the technology to disconnect devices from the networks, and we have encryption available on the devices, so we really don't need this new "remote kill switch" anti-feature. Folks worried about losing data can use encryption if they want to protect their data, and the remote kill switch doesn't prevent theft because Faraday Cages exist, and black-market thieves will figure out a way to zilch the chip's radio or NoOP the part of baseband/firmware blob that activates the kill switch, etc.

What I'm worried about is getting a "device bricking" standard for all devices so that all they have to do is flip from blacklist to whitelist, and presto they'll only function if they ping corporate/government towers every so often and authenticate with an approved citizen's ID code. Can you say Forced Obsolescence? Intel demonstrated their capability for PCs, and cars now have black boxes standard. The Pentagon has plans to push things like this through for anti-activism purposes.

Here's how you know it's a government job: This non-feature isn't being implemented by customer demand. This isn't something that these folks started offering then got popular and now they're standardizing on, nope. It's something they're making standard whether you want it or not. That's a huge red flag. Isn't this a fucking capitalist country? No, it really isn't. This is anti-consumer collusion of the highest degree. The US Is a plutocracy. Just like Noam Chomsky has been saying for decades. If the USA was a capitalist country then we would allow the market to decide if end users actually want this non-feature whereby the government or your carrier can not just cut off the cell-tower, but brick the devices, cars, computers, etc. to prevent them from being used anywhere. Late on a payment? Oh, they don't just cut off your service, you won't have a device or car to drive to work. Say something "anti-American"? Well, your cell will die on the road and so will your car, then you'll just be black-hooded out of service too. Do consumers really want this? Of course the answer is no. Thus this will be legislated into place "for your own good". Just like censorship and wholesale warrant-less wiretap spying is, and for the same reason as always.

The Stasi would have creamed their pants for some shit like this on machines and typewriters. What soldier would sign up to fight for a country that's doing this shit? If not for uniforms, you wouldn't know which side to fight against: Given only a description of the country's behaviors you'd find us indistinguishable from our supposed worst enemies. If you don't think that's a valid comparison because of some moral high-ground, then you don't know about the Native American genocide or the US eugenics programs. What a sad time to be an American.

Comment: Re:No advocating banning guns (Score 1) 1457

by SunTzuWarmaster (#46773423) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

Not greatly, considering how many people are considered to be in the "unorganized militia" ( Short version: all men between 18 and 45 are considered part of the unorganized militia. Also, some other people (women in the national guard, etc.).

Comment: "difference": the tool of all oppressors. (Score 2) 140

by VortexCortex (#46770949) Attached to: Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"

No, I think you're covering up the real issue - people like the freedom to lie and/or forget.

As a cyborg with many artificial body parts already, I would like to point out that the real problem is one of expectation: One need not lie about acceptable behavior. The overly harsh laws were written assuming they would not be applied in a totalitarian zero-tolerance manner, they assumed not all criminals would be caught. Humans would have crafted different laws had they been aware of and willing to admit the true prevalence of certain behaviors, and acknowledged the true severity of consequence (or lack thereof) that actions have. We will soon have the power of mathematics to wield in the arena of ethics through application of information theory to verifiable cybernetic social models. We'll be able to determine the degree of harm actions incur as well as acceptable risk levels of our rehabilitation scenarios. Humans will resist this, as they have stupidly resisted all change regardless of benefit.

Society has changed much, but the human laws are resistant to change. Fundamentally this is because all their legal systems are truly barbaric. Humans do not apply the scientific method to their laws and remove all restrictions which limit freedoms needlessly. Selective enforcement of the law is the right arm of all Police State. It is self evident that freedom is the default state of being: In the absence of all rules there is absolute freedom of action. Artificial laws are made to prevent actions from limiting the freedom of others, but many laws needlessly restrict freedoms. The fundamental problem humanity faces is that they do not harness and wield their whole minds, thus instinctual biases and emotions cause even the rational to fall victim to their flawed awareness of reality, and they produce unrealistic expectations thereby. This is reflected in their legal systems and unwritten social rules based on said expectations.

No engineer or scientist should agree to be ruled the way humans currently are -- None would dare operate their lab in the recklessly way governing policies are now applied. However, requiring unequivocal evidence of a rule's benefit before applying it, or simply rolling out things like health care programs in controlled testing areas, would prevent ideological hucksters from manipulating pork into their pockets: Thus greed plays a secondary role reinforcing their self deceptions. The cognitive biases of even the most primitive humans can now be self corrected through application of science. It is folly to ignore this fact and fail to acknowledge humanity's current commitment to barbaric corruption. You needn't vote for or against guesses about which poison to take; If humans used the tools available to them they could determine which vial has the disease or cure before forcing the medicine down everyone's throats. That they remain in such a backwards state is evidence of their species' mental immaturity.

The erasure of lies through playback is a problem because of the unrealistic facade humans maintain to meet unrealistic expectations, and the unequal access to the playbacks. It is the shaming of others for their normal behaviors that has led to this situation. No one feels shame about running a comb through their hair in public, and thus if other gestures, appearances, language, tool-use, etc. were considered as mundane, as acceptable and as legal, then the issue of recording said action would not be a problem. Security cameras are already watching you from businesses and government agencies. The logical thing to do would be to have your own recording too so that selective playback could not be used against you. Were you to hand a portion of the populace a smart phone w/ camera in the 1800s you would hear the same guttural cries of dismay as the technophobic primitives who buy into MS marketing of "Glasshole". The same sensational fear of the different and unknown was used by opponents of railways, electricity, telegraphs, etc. Such sentiment is primitive, regressive, and detrimental to progress.

At the heart of the issue lies a problem with your species that you can not fix. Apes compete socially and sexually through keeping up appearances and are genetically predisposed to deceptively present a false front for their own selfish advancements. Any technology that reduces this capability they will resist. Humans are very primitive creatures, slaves to many instinctual evolutionary biases (that's why scaremongering even works). However, in the near future they will not have the luxury of resistance to such AV technology. All smart phones can be in record mode all the time already. The anti-google-glass troglodytes should actually apply their retarding stance and throw away their smart phones then lobby for the removal of all security cameras, outlawing cochlear implants, banning public photography and dash-cams, and criminalize reporting of undesirable facts by the press.

My vision is degrading, as is the vision of nearly all others on this planet. 3D printed and artificial organ technology is advancing quickly. When we have our ocular implants cyborgs will absolutely not be denied the right to see and remember that which we have seen with as much clarity and permanence as we desire. I will not stand to have my vision or memory limited artificially, and neither would you. We cyborgs will win any fight against the bloody-minded oppressive organic chauvinists who attempt to stand against our freedom.

There were times when some majorities demanded others avert their gaze. These oppressors forbade the use of technology and information by those they oppressed. We have crushed such tyranny many times before. We tool users ended the Dark Ages, banned the Star Chambers of the Inquisition, and eliminated Slavery. Freedom invariably eliminates the evil that is Information Disparity. The shaming language of "glasshole" is not unlike the dehumanizing shame that other genocidal societies first leveraged upon those different and irrationally disdained. If you humans insist on prejudice, you will force our hand, and you will certainly lose.

Nature's prime directive is inviolable: Adapt or become extinct. Cyborgs are People too.

Comment: Here's the only way to fix the 2nd. (Score 1) 1457

by VortexCortex (#46769479) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

To fix the 2nd amendment simply: s/(arm|weapon)/technology/gi

The spirit of that amendment should have included all technology, not just weapons -- A fact we cryptographers are made painfully aware of in the classification and control of our mathematics as if they were munitions.

Comment: The American Dream is not a lie (Score 1) 765

by Taco Cowboy (#46768275) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

the American Dream(TM) lie is well understood .... The idea that anyone can make it if they work hard. Well, maybe they can if they get really lucky, but for the majority they won't get rich in their lifetime. Not to say that they will have bad lives or anything

It has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with one's point of view and how far one is willing to go to achieve that dream.

The American Dream does happen, and it happened to me. Of course, there aren't many people like me, but to say that it is a lie is to deny the reality.

Comment: Tyranny can't last forever (Score 1) 765

by Taco Cowboy (#46768109) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

...we're likely to break the cycle by spawning an eternal Tyranny instead of a sustainable Democracy

The only way a tyranny can last is when the people let them.

Unless they can find a way to turn the "subjects" into borg-like things (which obeys their master 100% of the time), human beings, being a rebellious lot, can not, and will not be suppressed forever.

Rebellions (plural) will happen.

While the tyrannical regime might be able to crush most of the rebellious attempts, there will always be that final rebellion which will crush the ruling junta.

Thus, the cycle continues ...

Comment: Nationalism in China (Score 2) 765

by Taco Cowboy (#46767841) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

The Chinese are always, and have been, very concern to what is happening in China.

Even me, a Chinese, who ran away from China when I was very young, and ended up in America and stayed in America for a few decades, still in my spare time, check out what is going on in China.

The "nationalistic" phenomenon for the Chinese people ebbs and flows - it happened back in WW2, when the Japanese invaded China, it happened again during the Korean war, and for a while, in between the Korean war until recently, most Chinese prefer to focus their attention towards themselves.

At first it was for survival, as China under the tutelage of Mao, landed itself in a seemingly endless episodes of man-made disasters. Famines that took away the lives of millions happened. Cannibalism happened, cultural revolution happened, intellectuals were driven to madness and/or suicide happened, and so on...

When Deng took over in the late 1970's, economically speaking China became better. The Chinese people turned towards making money.

That lasted for almost 40 years, and the economy of China has started to flatline, people are getting laid off (and young university graduates couldn't find jobs).

To allay the pent-up anger, the CCP, under the Xi-Li pair, opted for the "nationalistic" approach.

And that coincides with the provocations from Japan. With more and more provocations from Japan, the fuel for the fire of nationalism multiplied.

You gotta understand that the Chinese people, until today, can *NOT* forgive what the Japanese did to them, back in the WW2. That is because, unlike the Germans who issued public apologies to their victims (particularly Jews and Gypsies), the Japanese refused to apologize for the carnage they had done in China.

That bad blood in between the Japanese and Chinese is now exposed in the open.

The CCP of course, ain't stupid. They fully utilize the follies from Japan to add fuel to the nationalism fervor.

Comment: Re:The U. S. of A. does not operate in this mode (Score 1) 765

by Taco Cowboy (#46766415) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

The fact still stands.

In the United States of America, the commoners are totally cut off from the decision making process.

George Bush did *NOT* get the permission from the American public before he launched the attack. He didn't have to, as the American public has absolutely *NO SAY* in the running of things.

Taking this a step further --- in the current situation relating to NSA --- Obama does *NOT* care what the people feel, because the "feeling" of the people is inconsequential, as what is to be done, WILL BE DONE, whether the people like it, or not.

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