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Comment *WIN-BATTERIES?!?* (Score 1) 35

Someone needs to punch this idea in the throat right now before it gets deployed anywhere.

Need I remind the membership of the decades-long clusterfsck resulting from so-called "Win-modems" whose codecs were moved from hardware into host software and to this day remain completely undocumented? Even people who put down hard cash for a WinModem driver found themselves left to twist in the wind when the 3.x kernel series came out (modems may be mostly obsolete, but FAXes aren't (yet)).

Now: Who would like to bet that the WinBattery interface will not significantly extend battery life over what we have now, remain completely undocumented (or trapped behind onerous licensing that forbids Open Source implementations), and leave Linux and *BSD users with systems with significantly shortened battery life because they can't control the power interface?

This is yet another naked attempt to bottle up critical system functionality behind a Microsoft-only wall (because apparently fscking everyone over with UEFI and (In-)Secure Boot wasn't enough).

Comment Have you ever tried changing the 'culture'? (Score 2) 792

I am a geek, but I do own businesses which employ other geeks, on several continents

Now, as a geek I know what we geeks are capable of, good, as well as bad

And I can tell you this one thing - no matter which continents, geeks are geeks, and our 'geekiness' is 'toxic' to those with thinner skin - we geeks like to compete, and whether you like it or not, the thickness of our skin has become one of the 'legitimate competitive category'

Comment Vote for Sanders? (Score 3, Informative) 263

Sanders opposes and has opposed Citzens United, Corporate Financing of Election, the TPP, and the Iraq war since the beginning. He has never accepted corporate money in his entire career and isn't now that he's running for president.

AFAIK he is the only candidate with a long political record who's speeches are in line with his actions. You could vote for him or, you know, talk about the cynacism of the two party system and how political change is impossible.

I do know one thing. Cynacism is obedience to the plutocracy. Sure, it talks differently, but it functions exactly the same way.

Comment Re:Because 2016 elections... (Score 1) 321

I wasn't huge on stock investing, but I did pretty well. The few horrible choices I made was Sun Microsystems and Lucent. I thought of all my choices, Lucent was the hands down safest bet. They were a spin-off of Bell Labs with some of the smartest people in the business. They OWNED the market for Fiber Optic -- and heck, AT&T was a shoe-in for a captive market. The got rid of the fat, and had nothing but muscle.

When their stock tanked, I asked someone at Lucent years later what was wrong. He replied; "management." If it was Carly at the helm during that period -- well, I detect a pattern. It might show savvy if she were a corporate pillager and rented Lucent's property back to them, but if she was TRYING to make them successful? My disrespect for her has grown. Can't the Republicans find a greedy bastard with an IQ? Do they all HAVE to be lipstick on a pig? I digress...

It seems AT&T will be using that twisted pair crap in U=verse and all their other data systems until we have people on Mars. They've got a few million miles of the stuff so -- no need for fiber. Everyone else looking at a new installation; fiber. But AT&T will just multiplex that copper crap and hope nobody demands too much bandwidth. I'm sure for a few larger customers they've done fiber.

Anyway, I bought Apple at $19 per share around the time Steve Jobs came back (after learning his lessons at NeXT), and sold everything August 2008 when the Reserve Requirement went to zero. Sure I should have held onto it, but all the other stock took a beating that too many were surprised by.

Submission Explosion of shortsightedness due to LCD->

Taco Cowboy writes: An epidemic of myopia has exploded amongst the young people in many countries — 96% of Koreans age 19 suffer from nearsightedness while 4 out of 5 Chinese students are also shortsighted

The root cause? LCD screen on their smartphones!

Back in 2013 eye surgeons already warned about the link of staring at smartphones and the development of shortsightedness ( ) but unfortunately the warning went unheeded

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Submission Mealworms Eat and Digest Polystyrene Foam->

ckwu writes: Polystyrene foams—including products like Styrofoam—are rarely recycled, and the materials biodegrade so slowly that they can sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. But a pair of new studies shows that mealworms will dine on polystyrene foam when they can’t get a better meal, converting almost half of what they eat into carbon dioxide. In one study, the researchers fed mealworms polystyrene foam and found that the critters converted about 48% of the carbon they ate into carbon dioxide and excreted 49% in their feces. In the second study, the researchers showed that bacteria in the mealworms’ guts were responsible for breaking down the polystyrene--suggesting that engineering bacteria might be a strategy for boosting the reported biodegradation.
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Submission EPA considers sunny days harmful->

Trachman writes: EPA considers sunny days harmful for plants, according to their recent tweet. According to EPA, sunny days and the inevitable byproduct — Sunlight causes #ozone to form, which harms foliage, weakens trees.

I know that EPA will not try to introduce sun tax, and will try to stick with carbon tax, but I am not sure.

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Comment DO NOT WANT (Score 4, Interesting) 52

Let me see if I'm understanding this correctly.

You want me to install an invasive gaming client that delivers no actual game content to me, imposes a network lag on all input, does not allow me to run a zero-latency LAN gaming session, does not allow me to run my own public server for my friends... And your business model is to get me to pay for this degraded experience?

...Good luck.

Submission Censorship: Zuckerberg agreed with Merkel to censor Facebook->

Taco Cowboy writes: We often complain about censorship that happens in rogue states such as China / Cuba / Russia / Iran / North Korea / Saudi Arabia, and we often compare the appalling conditions of those rogue states to the so-called *** FREEDOM*** that we get to enjoy in the so-called West...


Attending a luncheon on the sidelines of a United Nations development summit in New York on Saturday, Merkel and Zuckerberg were overheard conversing on topic regarding anti-migrants postings on Facebook, on a live transmission broadcast on the UN website

Merkel asked Zuckerberg to censor postings which are deemed to be anti-migrants, and in response, Zuckerberg promised his full cooperation, by saying "We need to do some work”

This is certainly no conspiracy, the entire thing was broadcast live

The elites no longer are satisfied with abusing the power that they are entrusted with — now, they want to have the power over what we can or cannot say

More links to the same news-

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Submission Ask Slashdot: Advanced KVM switch?

jez9999 writes: I have a rather advanced use-case for my home work area that I need a KVM-type device for, and I was wondering whether such a thing even existed. I want a 3-PC setup; 2 desktops (PC1 and PC2) and 1 laptop going through a dock (DOCK1). I want to connect 2 monitors (SCREEN1 and SCREEN2), 1 mouse, and 1 keyboard (INPUTS). So far it's relatively straightforward, as I could just switch everything between the 3 devices.

But here's the kicker; I'd like at least 4 modes of operation: one mode to output PC1 video to both screens (dual-screen) and redirect INPUTS to it, one mode to output PC2 video to both screens (dual-screen) and redirect INPUTS to it, one mode to output PC1 video to SCREEN1, extend DOCK1 video to SCREEN2, and redirect INPUTS to DOCK1, and one mode to output PC1 video to SCREEN1, extend DOCK1 video to SCREEN2, and redirect INPUTS to PC1.

Basically with the latter two modes I'd like to be able to switch between inputting to PC1 & DOCK1, whilst continuing to be able to monitor each by outputting each one's video to one of the 2 monitors. However, I also want to be able to go dual-screen with and control PC1 & PC2.

In terms of ports I'd like to use HDMI (or possibly DVI-D) and USB for peripherals; not VGA or PS/2.

Is there any KVM switch out there able to do this kind of thing? I guess I'm probably looking for some kind of programmable KVM which allows me to specify, for each "mode of operation", which inputs are routed to which outputs. Failing that, is there some other way I can get the setup I want (or something close)?

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