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SuhlScroll (925963) writes "President Obama and the White House have announced an initiative to import more foreign STEM workers into the United States. This despite a poll conducted in October of 2011 by the Washington Post ( indicating that a majority of Americans do not favor this policy, and a recent inquiry by a woman at an online question and answer forum with the President in which she asked him why her husband, a semiconductor engineer, could not find employment ("
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Comment: And how does this surprise us? (Score 1) 111

by SuhlScroll (#38832923) Attached to: Object Lesson in Non-Transparency At
We all need to keep in mind that `transparency` is a relative term (0-100%), and that being served a mandate to make things `transparent` does not necessarily determine how `transparent` things actually are, nor does it mean that incompetence (or intentional malfeasance) can't change just how `transparent` things actually become.

Comment: One word: NO (Score 2) 200

So the rationale for this legislation is that some state representative is distressed by the potential for losing a popularity contest with a person who claims she owes them money? For that they're going to start spying on everyone in the state?

If she has an issue with this individual, the courts provide redress for her to sue him on the basis of slander (if it's not true); if it is true, then the person who's putting up the information has a rightful claim to make it in a public venue (like the internet). So pay the bill lady or take it to court ... either way, keep your friggin' grubby paws off the internet!

Comment: Another excuse to encroach on civil liberties (Score 1) 575

by SuhlScroll (#38751394) Attached to: NYPD Developing Portable Body Scanner For Detecting Guns
You know, if you just went ahead and put everyone into a concentration camp, the job of the police would get very easy and very safe ... just sayin'. The fact of the matter is that the safety of any law enforcement personnel is not and should not be a motivation to impune civil liberties. If you don't like having a job with some risk, find another job.

Comment: Re:Isn't that anti-science? (Score 1) 1055

by SuhlScroll (#38741302) Attached to: Is Climate Change the New Evolution?
Did you ever consider that scientists change their `findings` to stay (the most) gainfully employed just like software engineers change programming languages? If someone who works for a `climate denier` (such a biased, loaded term ... tsk tsk) and thinks they can do better professionally and financially working for a `climate hoaxer` (good for the goose, good for the gander) do you think they're not willing to `reevaluate` the `research` to position themselves to do so? I'm simply pointing out that there are other things at play here and the scientists who supposedly are doing the work have their own, self-centered agendas. To think they're perfectly unbiased (in either direction) is, I would claim, both very naive and very, very flawed.

Comment: Bloomberg's cheap labor factory (Score 1) 188

by SuhlScroll (#38732872) Attached to: NYC To Open 1st High School Dedicated To Software
I guess calling for unrestricted H1B visas wasn't enough? Now Bloomberg figures he can use the taxpayers' money to school up software engineers (without a college degree = even cheaper labor) for his IT operation, along with the financial companies that won't pay Americans enough to go work in NYC, without having to change immigration law. It's actually quite the good (but evil) scheme on his part.

Comment: Two words: backward compatibility (Score 2) 406

by SuhlScroll (#38732816) Attached to: PS4: What Sony Should and Shouldn't Do
I don't care what kind of hardware or architecture they adopt, but the damn thing better well play all my PS3 games which I have spent A LOT of money on. It was bad enough going to the XBOX 360 and finding out not all my titles were compatible ... there's enough horsepower in the hardware today to at least guarantee that older titles can run in some emulation mode, even in a different hardware family.

Comment: Re:Isn't that anti-science? (Score 0, Troll) 1055

by SuhlScroll (#38732696) Attached to: Is Climate Change the New Evolution?
Just as your point 1 is equally denial.
Point 2 is far from `blindingly obvious`; in fact, gas prices here have gone down a bit in the last year ... when did they run out again?
Far from being Creationists, the global-warming scam scientists are just crying wolf to get some attention and, most importantly, more funding and influence (they're really jealous of the finance people these days ... finance people make lots of money, drive fancy cars and get laid).
Point 4 is simple pragmatism which is unacceptable to liberals given they typically feel they can't survive if things go bad (`lock and load` is not a term they're typically familiar with).
George Carlin, while not perhaps being scientifically trained, at least doesn't have a self-interest like self-aggrandizing and propagandizing pseudo-scientists with lousy career paths.

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