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Comment: Re:Autism risk is not a myth (Score 2) 588

by nawcom (#46746487) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"
"Mercury is a known neurotoxin and is proven to kill brain neurons."

Mercury is a known element that naturally is part of the human body. Look at the FDA thimerosal content of vaccines currently mandated and add them all up (far over what a single person gets from vaccines) - it totals to 239.2 micrograms of mercury. How much mercury is in a newborn of average weight? 303 micrograms. How much mercury is in an average adult? 6 milligrams. Quit spreading this bullshit. Eat some tuna lately? you took in some mercury and you're doing just fine. Yes, there is an unsafe amount, but the fact that remains is the amount in vaccines is minuscule to what the human body manages.

Comment: Re:QT is a flawed implementation of cross platform (Score 1) 81

by nawcom (#43397889) Attached to: Qt 5.1 Adds Android and iOS Support
Apple uses their Windows port of the QuickTime framework for iTunes. In OS X, the QuickTime framework is taken advantage of in too many apps to count. So yeah, people are still stuck using what you refer to generically as QuickTime. You didn't say something specific, like "QuickTime Player". QuickTime is gonna be around for a while.

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Which MAC are you talking about? It's an acronym for more things than you may know.

If you're referring to the shortened nick for Macintosh, spell it as so. As for MAC, well you're just feeding the bad habit that people on the internet somehow created. I personally read it as Media Access Control initially (when people type MAC, referring to anything). Anyways. It's a simple name. Learn how to type it right.

Comment: From my experience, banks don't understand (Score 1) 284

by nawcom (#36382956) Attached to: Court Rules Passwords+Secret Questions=Secure eBanking

I find it upsetting that my online access to my bank account has a password limit of 10 characters which are also limited to letters and numbers. I've called and complained, but of course the silly stupid customer doesn't know anything about anything. Here's the exact limits according to their website:

Password must be between 7 and 10 alpha-numeric characters. Acceptable characters for passwords include combinations of any of the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, or )

I hate retarded security.

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can we please get back to arguing now?

Yeah, right after I finish beating Doom III by "I.D." software running on my "MAC".

I wouldn't be surprised if the poster pronounces daemon as "daymon" either. The geek ego sure seems to get in the way of learning how to pronounce things. It looks like devs these days will have to provide audio files to show how to pronounce their work.

*shakes his head at correct pronunciation deniers*


What Scientists Really Think About Religion 1123

Posted by kdawson
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Hugh Pickens writes "The Washington Post has a book review of Science and Religion: What Scientists Really Think by Rice University sociologist Elaine Ecklund, who spent four years doing a detailed survey of 1,646 scientists at elite American research universities. The study reveals that scientists often practice a closeted faith, worrying about how their peers would react to learning about their religious views. 'After four years of research, at least one thing became clear: Much of what we believe about the faith lives of elite scientists is wrong. The '"insurmountable hostility" between science and religion is a caricature, a thought-cliche, perhaps useful as a satire on groupthink, but hardly representative of reality,' writes Ecklund. Unsurprisingly, Ecklund found that 64% of scientists are either atheists (34%) or agnostic (30%). But only five of the 275 in-depth interviewees actively oppose religion; and even among the third who are atheists, many consider themselves 'spiritual.' 'According to the scientists I interviewed, the academy seems to have a "strong culture" that suppresses discussion about religion in many areas,' says Ecklund. 'To remove the perceived stigma, we would need to have more scientists talking openly about issues of religion, where such issues are particularly relevant to their discipline.'"

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