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Comment Re:Still doesnt excuse (Score 2) 280 280

To be fair though, if I see one more indie tower defense game, I'm going to scream (queue the screams). Most indie games seem to take one approach or the other, either be a clone, or be completely different than anything else (or a clone with a *twist*! that might as well be a clone).

Comment Re:Apple sees the writing on the wall.. (Score 1) 297 297

Right. Because there's no way to store the apps on the SD card. Android devices don't need HOURS of work, drama queen. When you boot up your phone, it installs the apps. When you plug in the SD card, the data is there. You'd have to go out of your way to mess that up. Being a software engineer is about as generic a term as "I work in IT", and it's clear your knowledge does not go into mobile devices. That gets you nothing, stop embarrassing yourself.

Comment Re:Apple sees the writing on the wall.. (Score 1) 297 297

Actually, he probably didn't need to click anything. Swap the SD card (not that you'd know what that is) and enter your email address. The phone will automatically start downloading and installing your apps, and your music/photos/etc. are on your SD. No computer required.

Comment Re:Of Course Drone Attacks Are Hostile (Score 1) 892 892

Attacking an enemy in any way puts US troops at risk from enemy action, it doesn't matter if they aren't there for that one particular incident. It's not like the enemy is going to see some US troops the next day and go "Meh, they weren't even there. Not their fault."

Comment Re:GMO scientists, who do you think you are? (Score 2) 1229 1229

The "article" calls them "peaceful protesters". Isn't destroying property considering vandalism? Considering the value of the crops, wouldn't that also be considered a pretty serious felony? I admit I don't know how the courts work over there, but that seems like a pretty serious crime.

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