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+ - Full Xen support will be in Linux 3.0-> 1

Submitted by
GPLHost-Thomas writes "The very last components that were needed to run Xen as a dom0 have finally reached The Xen block backend was one major feature missing from 2.6.39 dom0 support, and it's not included. Posts on the Xen blog at Oracle and at Citrix celebrates this achievement milestone."
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Comment: Re:buzzward savvy (Score 1) 187

by Sudheer_BV (#34266868) Attached to: Want an IT Job? Add 'Cloud' To Your Buzzword List

I'm talking about the mindset customers have developed.

And there's no agreed standard for the definition of cloud. Rackspace claims their services is cloud based. I don't agree to it. But there are people who believe Rackspace services are cloud based. So, just about anyone can claim their hosting service is cloud based. There's no way you can prove whether a service is cloud based or not. Cloud is a buzzword effectively used by marketing folks.

+ - How do you manage documentation of your software p 1

Submitted by
Sudheer_BV writes "How do you manage documentation of your software project? We are a small company with a team of 5 members. We manage several closed source and open source software projects. For some of our projects we want to write and maintain end user and developer documents. We would like to be able to publish the documentation online as well as offer PDF document to our users.

There are various tools out there like DocBook, ReST, mark down, wikis, etc. Which tool do you recommend?"

+ - Amazon EC2/S3 vs. traditional Webhosting? 3

Submitted by Tasha26
Tasha26 (1613349) writes "I was recently asked to name a good webhosting site (and the friend didn't want GoDaddy for some reason), but then I wondered how an Amazon EC2/S3 solution compares (in price or advantage) over traditional web-hosting? Maybe there's a study on it or someone has experience of running a site from Amazon. I looked at the Amazon pricing but it turns out to be a structure: I/O connections, bandwidth, S3, EC2... even if you don't use S3 but your Firefox S3 app. pings to it, you get billed. Too many variables for a straightforward comparison. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks."

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