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Comment The really sad part (Score 1) 115

I know it's an April Fools prank, but the lady down the street thinks this has already happened to the World Trade Center! She has been posting flyers for about 2 years now. She also thinks my dog (black lab) is a member of the CIA in disguise keeping an eye on her. Oh man, I am laughing so hard just thinking about it again.

Comment Seems more of an opinion (Score 1) 279

Addiction is all in levels, and often people will find addictions in things they don't like. I eat in front of the computer at work all the time, I miss sleep for class stuff or to catch up with friends. They don't talk about being addicted to either of those things unless I am missing sleep or eating in front of the computer. I constantly neglect my "basic needs" to do things I enjoy, because I work 12 hours a day I don't have the time to do things I enjoy like read the news online or play WoW.

I think they need to take into account the things going on around a person for OCD like behaviors. A person may be spending too much time online, or gambling, or watching TV because they are depressed or disappointed with their life and it's the easiest way to do it. OCD is they can't control it, while a choice maybe they feel trapped and online is their escape or enjoyment in a tough or stressful position.

If a person hates their spouse they can see the choices of A) divorce, lose half their stuff and 30% of their income B) Go out, be physically not present and look for another spouse, maybe get caught and divorce C) do something else that distracts you and makes you happy enough to stand it. Then if some one says you are spending too much time and have to stop, you can blame it on an addiction and be blameless for your actions (and not confront the original problem).

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