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+ - Researchers Show Names are Weak Passwords->

Submitted by Sub Zero 992
Sub Zero 992 (947972) writes "Security researchers at Cambridge University have analysed Facebook's gigantic list of human names. We have known for many years that using password recovery questions such as "What is your pet's name?" are weak alternatives to real security. So the question is, what will replace passwords as authentication tokens?"
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Hardware Hacking

+ - CCC Hackers hardhack DECT telephones->

Submitted by
Sub Zero 992
Sub Zero 992 writes "Heise Security (article in German) is reporting that at this year's Chaos Communications Congress (25C3) researchers in Europe's group have published an article (pdf) showing, using a PC-Card costing only EUR 23, how to eavesdrop on DECT transmissions. There are hundreds of millions of terminals, ranging from telephones, to electronic payment terminals, to door openers, using the DECT standard. Is this a security nightmare in the making?"
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+ - Microwave Weapon to be tested on U.S. Citizens

Submitted by
Sub Zero 992
Sub Zero 992 writes "A new, supposedly sub-lethal battlefield weapon, the Active Denial System (PDF) developed by Raytheon, is to be first tested on U.S. Citizens in crowd control situations before being used on insurgents in Iraq. The Air Force secretary, Michael Wynne, is quoted as saying: "If we're not willing to use it here against our fellow citizens, then we should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation."

Something about this, potentially even many things, is deeply worrying."

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