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Comment: Well Duh! (Score 1) 548

by StupidPeopleTrick (#28511491) Attached to: Exchange Rates Spell High Prices for Windows 7 In the EU
That is the way that it is. The only way to get around this is to have something like DVDs with different regions... and please please, lets not go there! Exchange rates are a fact of life for most of us. In New Zealand you wait for the NZD to get strong and buy from amazon... When it is weak, you put some in savings (waiting for the next strong time). Listen, the USD could get weak (and some have forecast as much), then you get Win7 on the cheap in the UK. Do the free upgrade or wait for the USD to weaken... makes for an interesting exec meeting I am sure... - StupidPeopleTrick

+ - Underage Gaming in New Zealand

Submitted by StupidPeopleTrick
StupidPeopleTrick (1006681) writes "From a New Zealand web site "Parents who give their underage children access to violent video games should be prosecuted to serve as "shock value" to other families, says chief censor Bill Hastings. Laws around video games were "an even stricter regime than alcohol", because if an adult gives a child aged under 18 access to a restricted video game even in their own home they are breaking the law, he said.""

Comment: StupidPeopleTrick (Score 5, Insightful) 371

by StupidPeopleTrick (#27020641) Attached to: Hope For Multi-Language Programming?
The more languages, the more of a pain for support, debugging, and dev hand-off. If the solution is going to make money, make time to think of how you can grow the business (I.E hire developers and develop a position description). Things in this perspective get ugly when you have 5 components developed with 5 different languages.. - SPT

+ - Electronic Medical Records - the story so far

Submitted by StupidPeopleTrick
StupidPeopleTrick (1006681) writes "A quick FYI to all out there who see a doctor — after the executive order signed in 2006, states are making strides with privacy breach notification but are struggling with enacting privacy laws and finding funding.
This begs the question, with looming deadlines to move to e-records and e-prescribing, where will the $$$ and privacy standards come from?"

Comment: Re:It's not so blasted difficult... (Score 1) 397

by StupidPeopleTrick (#25379297) Attached to: Report Indicates Widespread H-1B Visa Fraud
I got time with someone running for US Senate and he was going to look into this. He was not elected. The other candidate (incumbent) was not interested. I will leave you to figure out why. I can go on about the blatant fraud that IMO I saw firsthand. However, clamping down will only fuel outsourcing even more. It is an ugly paradox. - SPT

+ - Antartic heat wave

Submitted by
StupidPeopleTrick writes "The antartic appears to be undergoing a heat wave. "Boesterling said the temperature was so mild yesterday when she and her colleagues travelled to Hut Point Peninsula to walk on a glacier that they had to open the window in the Hagglund, an amphibian over-snow tracked vehicle. She was able to walk in shirt sleeves, although she carried extreme cold weather clothing." From a tech standpoint, forcasts of antartic weather will be easily available at metservice. "Meanwhile, the MetService has extended its marine forecasts and warnings service to the Antarctic ice-edge to cater for the increase in tourism in the sub-Antarctic region." So now we all have a front row seat to this unfolding global drama."

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