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Submission + - What behavior constitute a permanent ban?

phorm writes: With issues like "GamerGate" etc often painting a poor pictures of Gamers or Geeks on general, what can be done to address some of the real issues behind hostility online? Or, to perhaps better phrase it, how can we get rid of the few but highly visible persons behind these issues.
Many vendors purport to be dealing with issues, but the reality is that they still seem to want to keep the trolls "in the game", if perhaps a bit less disruptive. At the same time, they're often quite quick to jump on those they suspect are involved in fraud, etc, so it seems reasonable to think that they have means to ban and to some extent track those that are involved in activities that affect the bottom line.

So the big question is: when does "bad behavior" become bannable behavior? Is it only when money is involved? There's also cases where botting, hacking, etc have also resulted in a permanent ban. Beyond that, it seems that only extremely bad publicity can lead to a permanent ban.

However, we have a huge problem in many games with those whose sole purpose is to troll others. Throwing games, cursing out other players for no reason, playing random noise through the mic, there are some people who live simply exist to screw with others. It shouldn't be that hard to identify them, so why can't we have legitimate consequences to deal with them?

Comment Performance (Score 1) 306

Performance/watt also has this tendency to be missing another factor. Performance at WHAT (or rather what measure of performance)? Some examples from history include
* iops
* flops
And stuff that may account for above but also has optimizations for:
* triangles/sec
* physics
* fluid dynamics
* lighting models
* etc

That's why we still have PC with fast CPU's that would suck donkey-balls for games without additionally fast GPU's, and why we also have things that are a hybrid (APU) as well as a bunch of edge-cases, optimizations, etc

So yeah, you might have the biggest, baddest spreadsheet processor around, and still have a machine that overall performs more like a Ford Fiesta than a Ferrari when it comes to certain types of media or computations.

Comment Level editor/modkits (Score 2) 72

Many people mention a lot of the features of the classic Doom with great nostalgia, but I think one thing that was often overlooked were the modkits and customizations. Yes, building a fully functional multiplayer WAD could be infuriating, but it was fun as hell (no pun intended) to play in a homebuilt map full of tricks and traps with buddies while "dance of the sugarplum fairly" played in all of it's MIDI glory.

As an aside, the coolest "oddly fitting" game music mod experience goes to my buddy, who commented on the "creepy but f***ed up music" when he borrowed my copy of AvP. Apparently the game disc was part audio CD, and his young kids had left some of their music in the drive which it played selected tracks from.

Comment Non-physical (Score 1) 105

I'm guessing you're just being a sarcastic jackass, but non-physical=VM image, meaning they can just pop it into existing VM infrastructure without needing to dedicate space or support to additional physical hardware.
It still takes compute/storage resources, but there's no need to worry about stuff like cabling, hardware replacement, etc etc (beyond what they're presumably already doing for their own VMs in the farm)

Comment Re: How would this work? (Score 1) 117

Seeing as though Google already has filters to match up similar images, and plays with facial recognition etc, a few buttons shouldn't be that hard.

Sure, the scummers can obfuscate their buttons, but the whole point is to make them look convincing enough like a legit download button that people mistakenly click it so there's only so much variation they can do.

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