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Comment Re:Specs are overrated (Score 1) 115

If it can remain in a relatively stationary position in sustained 40mph winds, it is by definition going 40mph. To stay stationary it would have to match the speed of the wind, and if it can do that then in calm winds it would still be able to go that same speed (and groundspeed at that). It is the same reason a fixed wing aircraft can hover or perform STOL maneuvers.

If it were moving with a tailwind, it could travel significantly faster over the ground than their specifications even mentioned.

Comment Re:Commonly used? (Score 1) 354

If you disagree with everything they've done so far and where they're going, it seems the perfect time to do so, when it's not commonly used. Maybe they'll blow everything else out of the water, I'm not holding my breath but wish them the best.

It's still a GPL project.

Comment Re:"Flaw"? (Score 2) 269

It certainly does explain it.

The system they slapped together included Google Checkout, which is used for shipping physical goods to physical addresses. Everything goes to the developer because the developer is selling you the product, not Google. Unfortunatley it appears they kept the location features, even though it was unneeded for the new role.

Play Store is essentially a different interface to Google Shopping.

Comment Re:Apple bites the hand that created them (Score 1) 339

Have you ever visited Apple's Open Source page? You'll find they do share code, even purely BSD code.

Though I'm not really sure what your point is, nor how you got +5. Apple is not even mentioned in this story, what "stupid bullshit" are you talking about?

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