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Comment: Re:Questions for Malcolm Gladwell! (Score 1) 111

by Stuarticus (#48474289) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Malcolm Gladwell a Question
Hardly, if you do something full time for nearly 3 years you should be expert at it, you may not be the best in the world, but that obviously is a different proposition, for that you need skilled instruction from someone who is already among the best in the world and likely some sort of "hand up", ie you have very fast reflexes or are unusually strong or have particularly deft hands. Do it right now and surprise yourself, start doing something you are awful at but want to be good at and see how long it takes you to improve.

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The curly exclamation mark at the end of the statement is called a "question mark" and is used to indicate the previous statement is of an interrogative nature, the particular example you are referring to uses the "question mark" in such a way as to imply suspicion as to the validity of the preceding sentence.

Comment: Re:Voters unseated candidate who spent 10x vs riva (Score 1) 401

by Stuarticus (#48323807) Attached to: US Midterm Elections Discussion
I despise the term "founding Fathers" so patriarchal, so overly reverent. It's reminiscent of fascist hero worship. Mob rule is another term for the sam fallacy. Basically you're too stupid to make your own decision, you should only choose which one of us will make them for you. An easy argument to sell and maintain when you look at the standard of American political debate.

Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again 214

Posted by Soulskill
from the now-if-you-could-just-add-some-SD-slots-to-nexus-devices dept.
An anonymous reader writes: Over the past couple of years, Google has implemented some changes to how Android handles SD cards that aren't very beneficial to users or developers. After listening to many rounds of complaints, this seems to have changed in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google's Jeff Sharkey wrote, "[I]n Lollipop we added the new ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intent. Apps can launch this intent to pick and return a directory from any supported DocumentProvider, including any of the shared storage supported by the device. Apps can then create, update, and delete files and directories anywhere under the picked tree without any additional user interaction. Just like the other document intents, apps can persist this access across reboots." Android Police adds, "All put together, this should be enough to alleviate most of the stress related to SD cards after the release of KitKat. Power users will no longer have to deal with crippled file managers, media apps will have convenient access to everything they should regardless of storage location, and developers won't have to rely on messy hacks to work around the restrictions."

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