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Comment Re:Can we quit pretending that it's car "sharing"? (Score 1) 231

anti-democratic patronage/rent-seeking system or the other massive, institutionalized abuses that governments do.

Yeah why can't the little guy (who is the biggest taxi company in the world) just be left in peace to break the law for long enough to form a monopoly and put all those guys who currently make a living driving a taxi out of a job?

Comment Re:Can we quit pretending that it's car "sharing"? (Score 2) 231

The thing is if you ever get into a taxi with a new taxi driver they are usually quite friendly and enthusiastic as well, there's something about driving people like you around for a while that eventually turns them into sullen miserable gits. Just like your first day on the job you're going to be really excited about doing that stupid report that 2 years later you despise. Give the Uber drivers a few years to actually do the job and see how they are doing.

Comment Re:BBC - hammered by its own Political Correctness (Score 5, Insightful) 207

People enjoy the fact he acts an arse, him actually being an arse is a bit different. People often love "characters" on television they would despise in real life, sadly Clarkson let his idiot persona take over his real one.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 1197

Is that what he did then? And also warned them to lookout for falling drones? Or are you just imagining it that way because you sympathise with this guys description of how things happened? And I would strongly emphasise it's a description and not necessarily the way it happened.

Comment Re: Looking more and more likely all the time... (Score 1) 518

I think you're a bit confused there, try and reduce it to energy in and energy out, if you are generating less thrust than you are putting in energy you can't get free energy, the speed is irrelevant, I don't know what you expect to achieve by dividing input power by output power, but it's not a velocity. In this engine (Watts x Seconds >> Newtons x Metres) = No free Joules.

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