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Comment: Re:Only Two Futures? (Score 1) 609

by Stuarticus (#49742153) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties
Is that why Europe is 100% renewable power with no rich people and no immigration allowed? You have literally no idea what you're talking about, obviously a small party is going to expect some of it's manifesto commitments to be enacted, they won a reasonable percentage of the vote. That's a lot closer to true democracy than having two parties both fighting for the same few people that can be swung so having to basically fight the same platform from slightly different perspectives.

Comment: Re:Global warming (Score 1) 249

by Stuarticus (#49696793) Attached to: Greenland's Glaciers Develop Stretch Marks As They Accelerate
Would BP have paid anything for the Gulf of Mexico if there was no government? Why don't you ask Nigeria for their opinion. By what means would restitution be made in your imaginary free state? By legal action? The people who are negatively affected are already broke, how are they going to hire a legal team to go up against a company with as much money as your average oil company makes? A strong government is needed to coerce companies into payment, if you can't see this from real world examples that abound right now you are too blinded by your ideology to think clearly and should really try an open your eyes.

Comment: Re:Hostility to debate (Score 0) 179

by Stuarticus (#49646297) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?

I'm further right than most sane people. I don't like the things other people post, they make me feel insecure. I try to avoid any solid argument and instead just parrot questions that have been answered many times over or introduce some uncertainty to the argument.. This annoys people.

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