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Comment Buttons. (Score 0) 54

It seems like it would be hard to use the iPhone as a game controller without the feel of the buttons. It might work for something like a wii remote with the motion is the most important thing, but that is not the usual PC game. I don't know if it would be all that useful for most games. Just my opinion though.

Comment How do they get approved by the EPA? (Score -1, Offtopic) 401

Don't you have to have some kind of license from the EPA to dispose of toxic waste? Did the producers of the waste not verify the license? There are not that many places to dispose of toxic waste. I am sure it was more than just the guys in the mafia who were in on this. I think the producers of the waste should be responsible for the clean up.

Comment They must be that good. (Score 1) 382

So they are able to bug your cell phone while it is in your pocket or in your hotel room charging. Or do they check all cell phones at the door like in The Dark Knight? Even when you RTFA it does not give you any support for these claims. I think he is a little paranoid.

Comment Re:Damn insurance companies! (Score 1) 548

I selected airlines because they are second on my list. Insurance companies are by far the most evil companies I have ever dealt with. You are basically forced to get them if you buy a home or drive a car. My favorite this is my medical insurance. If you ever read the statement they send you, you will see this crap. You are charged $150 for a procedure your dr says you need. They say the standard price is $100. (How is it standard if every dr. charges more than the standard price) Your 20% portion $20. Insurance Adjustments $77. Insurance company pays $3 (100-77-20). So in the end the insurance company pays $3, you pay $70 ($150-$100 for the overage and $20 for your portion.) So the insurance company makes money by screwing you and the dr. This is also the reason for the increase in healthcare cost. The dr has to adjust his rates to cover their cost and make a profit. So they get $73 on a $150 charge. If it were illegal for doctors to charge uninsured people more than medical insurance companies then we really would not have much use for them. All they do is reduce what we pay, they seldom pay any significant amount for us.

Comment How is it an Ulterior Motive? (Score 1) 508

How is it an Ulterior Motive? Microsoft is a corporation driven by money and profits. They will not do anything to help any one they see as potential competition. We have seen this time and time again. How could anyone not living under a rock, not see this coming. It would be like putting a Nike symbol on a car. It does not make it a shoe and you should know better too. If you believe anything Microsoft has ever done has been for the good of anyone except Microsoft you...... It would not matter what I say there, you would have to be living in your own crazy little world anyway.

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