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Comment: Re: 2 months, but they all quit! (Score 1) 225

by n3r0.m4dski11z (#47422299) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

"spread over two different physical houses"

Well maybe your richy rich multi millionaire bulbs last a long ass time, but the normal $2-5 per bulbs are garbage. I have to replace at least one every 6 months out of aprox 15 bulbs installed in my apt. My anecdote cancels out your anecdote!!! so there

I know many people as well who have the same problems. My building manager for instance who manages a 200 suite property. The building engineers at work who swap them out all the time. The balast generally goes and then the bulb is toast. Sometimes they go grey first in the tube, but most are heavily yellowed from heat damage. I like the energy savings, and lower heat, but old ass bulbs are far more reliable.


Tom's Hardware: Microsoft Smartband Coming In October With 11 Sensors 70

Posted by timothy
from the easier-sell-than-new-headgear dept.
New submitter TuxHiggs (2691251) writes "Last month, Forbes wrote that Microsoft was preparing a cross-platform smartwatch with the ability to continuously track your heart rate and sync the data to your devices. A trusted source with knowledge of the development has verified some of that information and provided Tom's Hardware with additional details about the device. The source confirmed previous rumors that the device is cross-platform compatible, and added there would be open APIs as well. The source also confirmed that the display is on the inside of the wrist as opposed to the outside. Design-wise, Microsoft has gone with a slim band design that is said to resemble a thinner, flatter version of the Nike Fuelband. While details about the hardware are scant, the source did reveal that there are 11 sensors under the hood and a mix of chips, including some from TI and Atmel. Finally, the release for this device is apparently set for October."

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