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Comment: Re:Total bullshit assumption (Score 3, Insightful) 73

by Stripe7 (#43168789) Attached to: NASA IG Paints Bleak Picture For Agency Projects
The reason NASA's budget is cannot be cut is Congress. Any time NASA wants to shut down obsolete projects or consolidate projects Congress steps in to stop them. NASA early on spread itself into as many Congressional districts as possible to gain the most political pull, now it has come back to bite them in a major way.

Comment: Re:Genetically modified how? (Score 2, Funny) 559

by Stripe7 (#41061825) Attached to: California Wants Genetically Modified Foods To Be Labelled
Yes, they should put the GM label on every food we eat that has been genetically modified from its original stock. Just label 100% of every produce in the super market as GM'ed since that is the case. Hmm, what about the GM'ed drugs that we are all taking now do we label those too?

Comment: Re:Phone's gone, followed by cops' innocence. (Score 1) 983

by Stripe7 (#36339892) Attached to: Man Ordered At Gunpoint To Hand Over Phone For Recording Cops
I think I once read a science fiction novel about a character that basically walked around with his life uploaded to the internet. Given the advent of bloggers and low cost high bandwidth wireless communications devices this will be a reality in a few years. We may soon have people who wear internet enabled jewelry that constantly uploaded their lives up to the net. Big brother lives! Except this time instead of just the government monitoring the citizens you would also have citizens monitoring the government.

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