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Comment Re:Brave polling, but in real life? (Score 1) 176

You don't think the "authorities" are any more honest than other folks. If you've got valuable financial information on your computer with account numbers and, yes, passwords, how long before your accounts would be drained? Of course you shouldn't be putting PWs and account numbers to your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. on your computer, but some do. Then again, everything could be encrypted, even stuff on the cloud, with password access, won't protect you. And of course if you use something like Lastpass, then that one password could be the key to your bankruptcy or at least major difficulty in getting your money back and restoring your credit worthiness.

Comment At least one post says forget about facts (Score 2) 246

Science does involve knowledge of facts as well as hypotheses and theories. Without knowledge of the known facts determined by scientific experiment one might just be condemned to relearning what others have already discovered instead of extending that knowledge to ongoing studies or new areas of discovery.

Furthermore, one of the problems in some parts of the world and in particular some states of the USA is an anti science culture. Some folks have used various governmental school agencies to restrict the teaching of many scientific disciplines including evolution because they think it contradicts biblical authority.

In Colorado recently a state authority has reduced the standards for high school graduation by allowing lack of competence in science by graduates. Imagine a small school district that has budget problems and finds that the best way to solve it is to eliminate science education from the HS curriculum. Apparently that's possible with the new rules. These HS graduates obviously will be at a disadvantage trying to get into college, but the school district may have balanced its budget.

Comment Good Riddance (Score 4, Insightful) 404

Oh, wait. His replacement might be worse and the House of Representatives may get even less done. Now, it'll be interesting whether Boehner has lined up a job with an existing lobbying company or will form his own company. He'll likely make many millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars per year no matter what he does.

Comment Is the HP Stream Laptop to expensive? (Score 1) 508

They can be had at Walmart for ~$180:

Microsoft Office 365 is on these for a year or students can use the free Google office apps. Students that don't have Internet at home can go to a public library after school or on weekends or visit a McDonalds, Starbucks or other place where free Internet is available. Generally, one does not need to buy anything to use the free internet in those places. Depending on where you live and your local ISP providers (Comcast), if income is below a certain level, adequate Internet can be had for $10 per month.

Comment What kind and size of drone are we talking about? (Score 1) 125

Are we talking about those relatively small drones with multiple propellers that cost $1k or so and fly at a few hundred feet altitude or are we talking about the big ones the CIA and military use in places like Syria and Iraq? The big ones may have GPS guided bombs able to be flown at night or through clouds and fog and can be effective weapons in bad weather. Lasers aren't very useful in bad weather situations because of light scattering. Would this anti-drone device be useful for, maybe, shooting down Amazon packages?

Comment Re:Cable cutting depends on how you count (Score 2) 319

Techdirt seems to have some numbers in answer to my post:

For instance:

"...ESPN has lost 7.2 million viewers in the last four years, and a little more than three million in the last year. Since ESPN is annoyingly force-bundled with most basic cable subscriptions a lot of these users are cord cutters."

Comment Cable cutting depends on how you count (Score 1) 319

I think the amount of cable cutters depends on how it's measured. Some, if not most, cable companies have an Internet plan that is cheaper if one buys a package that includes a very basic channel selection which may include only the local broadcast channels. People who got rid of all higher level packages and just wanted Internet but took the less expensive package with some TV may not be considered cable cutters because they get cable provided Pay TV. What really needs to be counted are the changes in the numbers of subs to content providers as ESPN, CNN/MSNBC/CNBC/Fox News/ which are generally included in the next higher level Pay TV package. Loss in those subscribers would be a better measure of cable cutting. Oh, and many of those getting the local broadcast channel and Internet package may not even be watching the Pay TV content. Disney, owner of ESPN, seems to have some cash flow problems seen by the dismissal/loss of some of their expensive on air "talent". They've paid huge sums to some sports leagues, notably to the NBA, and may have trouble paying for that. Sports leagues could be in trouble.

Comment Is this why I don't get the Windows 10 update icon (Score 1) 317

My Dell XPS 15 laptop running Windows 7 has an Nvidia graphics processor as well as Intel graphics. A choice can be made as to which processor to use for any application. I wonder if this is why I haven't seen the Widows 10 update Icon that invites me to reserve my update to Win 10. Maybe it's something else. A desktop computer I built running Win 7 does show the update icon.

Like many who have posted above, I have disabled auto updates on both these Win 7 computers and wait for a week to find out if there have been problems with any second Tuesday updates before installing them. I'm waiting to see if some auto update to Windows 10 bricks 10% of Win 10 computers and nothing can be done to use a restore point installation because there's no way to boot without a bootable disk or image. That is even if a restore point created. Even then restoring to a previous set up would just auto update to the faulty configuration because there's no way to turn off auto updates. This is going to be a mess.

Never trust an operating system.