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Comment: Re:This is not good... (Score 1) 255

by Streetlight (#49536969) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis
We had a female administrative assistant where I worked who was diagnosed with breast cancer and found somewhere that going on an orange juice diet would cure her. She died six months after the diagnosis. Orange juice is generally considered good for one in moderation as it does contain some good nutrition but also some sugars, so too much could be bad for some folks. A cure for cancer? Not that I know.

Are folks who write about phoney cures legally liable for the deaths that could be prevented by scientifically proven methods? I'm not sure it's been tested in the courts.

Comment: Altitude or Elevation? (Score 2) 166

by Streetlight (#49536791) Attached to: I spend most of my time ...
My understanding is that elevation is the distance of the ground above sea level and altitude is the distance above the ground. There's still confusion because one uses an altimeter (altitude meter) to measure elevation. If one is in an airplane and the altimeter reads an elevation of 35,000 feet and the plane is over Pikes Peak which has an elevation of 14,110 feet the the altitude is 35,000 feet - 14110 feet = 20,890 feet. Anyway, if your feet are on the ground you can talk about the elevation of your feet whereas the altitude is 0 feet. But if they're above the earth's surface, you can talk about the non zero altitude or the elevation depending on what you mean to convey. Hopefully, if the latter, somehow you're in a safe situation.

Comment: Re:I'm ready....My ISP isn't. (Score 1) 388

by Streetlight (#49519279) Attached to: Why the Journey To IPv6 Is Still the Road Less Traveled
Comcast subscriber here, IPv6 works fine and I think Comcast has rolled out IPv6 throughout it's footprint. One problem some folks, including me, have had with Comcast is setting up a router to recognize IPv6. One may need to log in to a router's home page and enable IPv6 on its IPv6 page. Might take a firmware update and information on the router's web site.

Comment: An what about volcanoes and plate tectonic? (Score 1) 63

by Streetlight (#49506371) Attached to: If Earth Never Had Life, Continents Would Be Smaller
It seems to me a lot of solid earth surface is produced by bringing up stuff from below. IIRC, aren't the Hawaiian, islands though not continents, the result of volcanic activity? The interactions along the earth's tectonic plates could uplift surfaces, too. Not an earth scientist, so not sure.

Comment: Another Republican says he doesn't use email (Score 1) 306

by Streetlight (#49361049) Attached to: Iowa's Governor Terry Branstad Thinks He Doesn't Use E-mail
A previous Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, claims he doesn't use email either. He showed how really smart he was at the time by choosing the brilliant Sarah Palin as his running mate. I remember the interview of her with him sitting there responding to the questions she stumbled over in her responses. Anyway, the non-use of email may be a Republican thing. Then again by not using email there's no written evidence in that form of a politician's intelligence or lack of intelligence. If everything is written by staffers the chief can just blame the anonymous staffer for incompetence.

Comment: Let's do an experiment: Kidney Failure Treatment (Score 2) 447

by Streetlight (#49245851) Attached to: Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions
Those that believe the placebo effect or homeopathy works and have kidney disease should test their theory. Enter a medical experiment where they are given a choice of of this treatment or the medically approved treatment of dialysis followed by kidney transplant when a kidney is available or homeopathy and check the results. We all know pretty much what the results will be: death for the homeopathy treated patients and likely much longer life for the traditionally treated patients.

Comment: Does Android 5.1 fix 5.0.2? (Score 1) 172

by Streetlight (#49224913) Attached to: Google Announces Android 5.1
I have a Nexus 7 v 2012 and mistakenly updated to the various Android 5.x.x versions. What a mistake as many earlier posters have noted. I end up with interminable boot ups that vary from time to time as to what's happening, the device is slower than a turtle walking through mud and some apps completely fail to work. The problem with the "downgrade" to 4.4.4 is that it's complicated and as I understand it removes any and all apps and data that might be on the device. If Google wants my respect they will come up with an easy way of going back to KitKat 4.4.4 without removal of apps and data. Or come up with a version of 5 that removes all the problems generated by going from 4.4.4 to 5.x.x. Horror of horrors, I'm even thinking of taking a look at an iPad mini or and iPhone 6 +. Gasp!

Comment: This material has been used on windows (Score 3, Informative) 87

For many years you can buy windows or window glass with this nano-particle titanium dioxide applied which made windows self cleaning. It sounds like the paint is just an extension of the earlier technology. Besides, which is harder to clean: your counter top or the outside of a half-dozen windows three stories up on your house? Sure, some windows are easy to clean because either the frames tllt inwards or are removable from inside, but not having to bother to do any cleaning sounds best to me

Comment: Re:All the more reason... (Score 2) 248

by Streetlight (#49088001) Attached to: Lenovo Allegedly Installing "Superfish" Proxy Adware On New Computers
I'm not sure crapware is now the problem. Crapware can generally be removed and for the unwashed masses one can get a Windows machine without crapware using Microsoft's Signature program.

The problem is hidden malware in firmware in devices like hard drives. No computer manufacturer can be immune to that if they buy parts that are infected when intercepted during shipping between the manufacturer and the computer assembler or end user by some three letter agency. The same for the finished computer. And what about malware hidden so deeply into computer parts where the firmware can't be rewritten? If Intel's or AMD's parts are corrupted in this way during manufacture, swapping out the part will never solve the problem.

Comment: Re:Yes meanwhile.. (Score 1) 167

by Streetlight (#48986035) Attached to: Google Quietly Unveils Android 5.1 Lollipop
You hit the nail squarely on the head! My N 7 (2012) with Android Lollipop 5.0.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2 has a long, crazy boot process, some apps are broken, notifications take forever to load (I disabled most of them), apps run slowly. I would hope 5.1 will be fix all these problems and allow me to run all my apps. I'm not hopeful.

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