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StreetChip writes "Are you thinking about hiring a web design company to build a new website for your business? There are a lot of options, so what is the best way to evaluate and compare? Read this article for 20 terms to bring up while interviewing a potential web design company and find out if they're capable of getting the job done right."
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Comment: Not everyone insists on doing it remotely (Score 1) 730

by StreetChip (#29062331) Attached to: Why Should I Trust My Network Administrator?
Are you looking hard enough for a solution to the problem? I encounter businesses all the time who want their IT firm to work on site. They also have problems trusting anyone with remote access to the data, especially when confidential medical or financial records are involved. There are competent IT support firms that will do on site administration for you. In some cases, they can even be more affordable than the remote support types. You just have to look around! If you're in the Phoenix, Arizona area, my PC Techs is one example. They will provide an expert who will come to your business every time you need, and will work on site as long as you need them:

Comment: Re:Just another storm on the horizon... (Score 1) 151

by StreetChip (#28997021) Attached to: Movable Clouds Migrate To Chase Tax Breaks
Unfortunately, nothing restricts them from moving your intellectual property overseas. A US Congressman once tried to raise a fuss about this very issue but nothing was ever done about it. See "Your data in a cloud over India": and this article:

Comment: Your data in a cloud over India (Score 5, Interesting) 151

by StreetChip (#28996943) Attached to: Movable Clouds Migrate To Chase Tax Breaks
Considering the track record of tech companies and their quest to save a few bucks at the expense of American jobs, it's just a matter of time before all of your data in the cloud winds up overseas. Who has access to read through your sensitive documents when that time comes? The article shows how easy it us for one cloud provider to uproot the collective data of thousands of companies and move it anywhere they please. Where will they move the data next? Read this article, "Your data in a cloud over India":

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