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Comment: Re:NIMBY strikes again (Score 2) 228

by StrangeBrew (#49433021) Attached to: Amid Controversy, Construction of Telescope In Hawaii Halted
Yeah... there's no chance that there was tribal warfare, slaughter, genocide, rape or any other atrocities happening before the stupid white man showed up, right? There was no tribal chieftain who was obliterated by another chieftain because of either a slight or an idea that all land belonged elusively to them. Anyone who doesn't think all humans are the same, and capable of the same actions is a bigot.

Comment: Re:Idiot Parents (Score 2) 569

Don't confuse stupidity with ignorance. Many parents do not understand computers or that they can be used for bullying with little effort and a great deal of anonymity. Her statement suggests that she saw no signs that he was making 'bad decisions', in other words falling in with the wrong crowd; likely oblivious to the whole concept that the wrong crowd might be having influence over an internet connection. One of the things I'll be struggling with in the future, as my son gets older, is just how much covert monitoring to do on my son's computer and how much to be open about. Trying to strike a balance between keeping him safe, keeping him honest, giving him enough leeway to make relatively harmless errors in judgement and keeping him from doing serious mental harm to others is going to be difficult. If I knew very little about computers I'd be screwed.

Comment: Re:This sucks. (Score 1) 299

by StrangeBrew (#49243785) Attached to: Sir Terry Pratchett Succumbs To "the Embuggerance," Aged 66
Yes, opposition can come from the right wing f'tards, but saying 'You can't do this, cuz Bible' is not as credible to a jury or panel as someone pulling up in a wheel chair saying that if you go ahead with the proposed change they fear for their life. Yeah, that's right, there are f'tards at both ends of the spectrum, and depending on the issue, one side or the other may have the most clout. This just happens to be one where my experience has been that it's 'debate over' as soon as some unfortunate s.o.b. states that you're condemning them to death if they permit AA.

Comment: Re:This sucks. (Score 1) 299

by StrangeBrew (#49243695) Attached to: Sir Terry Pratchett Succumbs To "the Embuggerance," Aged 66
I would agree with you if I considered the 'right wing' religious opposition to be the major problem. I find that it's the other end of the spectrum that has equal clout and is often the mouthpiece that speaks at high profile assisted suicide debates/court cases. Call me flamebait all you want, but be honest... I somehow hurt your feelings by sharing a viable opinion as to what the major roadblock is. Face it, abortion is legal DESPITE opposition from the biblical right wing. Why? Because the far left fully supports it (and rightfully so).

Comment: Re:This sucks. (Score -1, Flamebait) 299

by StrangeBrew (#49242147) Attached to: Sir Terry Pratchett Succumbs To "the Embuggerance," Aged 66
The problem is that there is always some f'tard left wing MS patient (pick whatever chronic debilitating disease you want... MS was just the first one to come to mind) that insists this will lead to their extermination. They insist that their right to life is somehow put at risk by permitting others the right to die.

Comment: Re:So what happend to the "Do Not Call" list? (Score 1) 54

You aren't kidding. Though I had a 'boy do I feel like an idiot' moment recently. I received a call from woman with a thick Asian accent, very hard to understand, especially given the background noise of a low-rent call center, but I did catch the word 'Windows'. I started to ask her if her parents were embarrassed that she works for criminals. She was obviously confused and clarified that she doesn't work for criminals, she was trying to get me to agree to a 'free' window replacement estimate on our home due to a draw we entered at a home reno show. Oops. I did decline the offer, but felt less bad about my tirade when she called back 3 more GD times over the next week.

Comment: Re:ut bright lights keep me awake. (Score 5, Informative) 261

by StrangeBrew (#49127107) Attached to: The Case Against E-readers -- Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading On Paper
Thinking of an tablet as an eReader is your problem. In my opinion a true eReader uses electronic ink technology, not a back-lit LCD screen. You do not get the 'keeps me awake' problem when using an eReader. With an eReader you must either read by an external light source, the same way you would with a paper book, or utilize one of the eReaders underlit with a 'glo' light that also doesn't impede sleep.

Comment: Re:I recently bought a new lcd tv (Score 1) 309

I have 5 Samsungs ranging from 2 months old to 9+ years old. In one TV I have a single dead pixel. That is the only problem I've ever had that wasn't human error. Slag them all you want for the 'listening' feature, but I think your criticism of their product quality doesn't match my experience in the slightest.

Comment: Re:That was quick ... (Score 1) 103

by StrangeBrew (#48813623) Attached to: Canadian Government Steps In To Stop Misleading Infringement Notices
So you're just another anonymous coward who would rather label someone and suggest that if they don't share your opinion they should leave the country. Ok, I'll play along and do the same. I'll infer from your statement that you are a far left wing extremist who hasn't used logic in making a decision at any point in your life. Your have a political party of choice and would never consider anyone else. In your opinion, your party has never had a bad leader, bad decision, bad policy and any scandals they were involved in were constructed by the opposition. When a party other than the one you support is in power there is nothing they can do right. Their leaders are corrupt and heartless, their decisions are bad, and if they ever do anything that even resembles something good it's obvious their hand was forced by either legal or opposition pressure. If there's a scandal, everyone should resign. I'd also suggest that you'll pat yourself on the back for making a charitable donation, choosing the charity based on what sounds the best. You'd feel guilty about checking out the charity first, to find out how much overhead costs will eat into your donation. You'd be downright horrified at the concept of considering the short and long term impact of the portion of contribution that makes it to those in need. Wouldn't you be happier in Denmark? For the record, I could do this for the right-wingers as well, but I'm pretty sure you have that covered.

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