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I'm sorry. You must either be an Apple fanboy or have a similar speech impediment, and I've obviously upset you. The first part of my post was what actually occurred. The second part was added for a small amount of comic relief and did not actually occur.

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I had a kid in my son's daycare correct me when I referred to the owners device as a tablet.He screamed how it wasn't a tablet it was an iPad. So I screamed back that 'anyone who can't say their 'R's isn't allowed an opinion, so get your Barbera Wawa arse out of my sight!' Ok, so maybe I thought it instead of saying it... but that would have been sweet.

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by StrangeBrew (#47873085) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled
Wow, that is an amazing rewrite of history. I'd love to hear some of your summary of other countries as well. By contrast, maybe look at a country that actually dropped nuclear bombs on civilian cities despite knowing that the enemy was running out of the petroleum necessary to stay at war.

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That argument has merit, but means you shift the ban from driving to purchase and consumption of alcohol. Ensure there is a license classification that specifies this restriction. This would also make providing a restricted adult with alcohol punishable in the same way as providing a minor with alcohol. Problem solved, and general public protected from morons with an addictive personality and no common sense. You could even give the moron the choice between losing a license or losing the legal ability to consume alcohol. You may have a right to drive. You may have a right to get shitfaced. You do not have a right to do both at the same time.

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It's basically irrelevant, if nothing else because the show teaches people to laugh at geeks and nerds. The "science" is just window dressing to enable this, it could be techno-babble for all the audience knows - or cares.

Why so sensitive? Did the show Coach make fun of jocks and former jocks? Damn straight it did, and anyone who could relate didn't complain about it. You could pick apart just about any sitcom on the air and it makes fun of some personality type's associated dysfunctions. WKRP made fun of advertising salesmen, secretaries and management. Many sitcoms on the air make fun of blue collar workers, fat people, low income families,... How horrible that someone made a show somewhat based on something you could relate to.

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Your life is already under a microscope. You can't go to the supermarket without a crew from TMZ following you and paparazzi are camped out on your lawn.... just how freaking stupid do you have to be to post nude pics of yourself to the cloud?

I'm going to start a consulting agency to the stars, called "Common Sense", and get paid to distribute my common sense to people who obviously have none of their own.

Here's a free tip: If you don't want nude pics of yourself spread to the web, don't take nude pics of yourself!

Damn straight. They also shouldn't own smart tv's with built-in cameras, xbox's with kinects, or any other hackable device including their cell phones. If they're stupid enough to walk around their own home naked with any hackable technology, it's their own f'n fault if pictures make their way to the internet!!! Give your head a shake. Yes what they did was stupid, but that doesn't make it their fault. The truth of the matter is that trusting humans to do the right (ethical) thing is stupid in any and all situations.

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If you believe that, then it's obvious you haven't had any dialogue with these people. The four letter tirades they consistently let loose on me when I used to called them out on what they were doing would not be tolerated in a valid job. So I switched tactics after the first year, and use the time to inform them of how turned on I was by the videos I found of their mother and that rather well hung goat. I get the same response, but feel somewhat more content when they eventually hang up.

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I can get behind scientists that are in agreement over anthropogenic global warming, but I will get out of line any time those scientists get behind politicians or professional lobbyists that target nations and corporations based on newsworthiness and wealth instead of overall emissions impact and potential emissions growth.

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When they can prove that these vehicles can handle everything from driving on black ice to navigating huge potholes created by frost heaves and multiple freeze thaw cycles per winter I'll be impressed. I also think that if the answer is 'well, that's when the driver needs to take over control' we are headed for a world of hurt. Taking away the responsibility for driving in ideal conditions but expecting the drivers to remain competent enough to handle more extreme driving conditions is a recipe for disaster.

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