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Comment Interesting (Score 1) 978 978

I'd be curious if the 'mischief' was related to the destruction of the drone, or the willful firing of a firearm in a non-life threatening situation that could potentially endanger those nearby, or cause dispatch of emergency services due to 'shots fired'. Had he thrown a baseball and knocked it out of the air would this have resulted in an arrest?

Comment Re:4 Legged Snake (Score 1) 153 153

Yes, yes he does. You are aware that 'number of legs' is synonymous to 'number of appendages' when talking about broad anatomical classification of creatures, right? Even the riddle of the Sphinx suggests that millennia old cultures were able to grasp this concept.

Comment Re:Yeah, fuck Harper (Score 1) 79 79

Thank you. There's also a declaration of martial law by PET. Adscam and a gun registry that was shoved down our throats by the Liberals and their pet Police Chiefs despite the huge opposition by the cops on the beat who knew it wouldn't work. Though I'm opposed to the comparisons to the NAZI's bringing in a gun registry as a first step towards confiscating all guns from law abiding folk, isn't it easy to see how any side that is in power is going to do something that can be compared to past evils? There was Mr. Dithers whose family company was moved off-shore to evade Canadian taxes....

I never said I was pro-Harper, I've voted both left and right of the spectrum, always trying to pick the option that will do the least damage to the Country/Province/City. I am truly against omnibus legislation and wish it could be removed completely as an option.

I also think that a party that isn't polarizing rarely succeeds. The number of people who are truly objective on issues is very small. Polarization drives votes.

I wish there was a better option than Trudeau jr. this next election. With that said, I'll still scrutinize the party platforms pre-election and continue to pick the least destructive party.

Comment Re:Yeah, fuck Harper (Score 1, Informative) 79 79

Oh give it up for crying out loud. Regardless whether you're talking about the Cons majority Federally, or the NDP's new majority in Alberta I'm sick and tired of hearing whiners bitch and complain about how the combined power of all the other voters should trump the number of elected representatives who garnered the most votes in their ridings. I guarantee you that when your particular party of choice gets in power you'll be rolling your eyes at anyone who uses the same argument. You also act like past regimes, Trudeau (PET) and Chretien, weren't just as much dictatorial as Harper's. Go ahead and vote for your favorite future dictator next election, but step back a bit and be objective about what you're going to get.

Comment Re:You mean the Fat Naked Women Photoalbum (Score 1) 43 43

Though I agree with you, to a point, can you tell me you don't smoke, or drink alcohol, both cost society in extra health care expenses? Are you thin, due to genetics instead of through exercise and a close monitoring of your caloric intake? Personally, I can eat whatever the hell I want, when I want, while spending a great deal of time sitting on my ass, without gaining a thing. I also have severely overweight relatives, and have watched them struggle with various diets and exercise regimes. Short of a draconian lifestyle, they will remain the way they are. Sure its possible, but try living that sort of a life while others around you are sitting on the couch, stuffing their face with snack food.

Comment Re:It's not limited to the US (Score 1) 220 220

Thanks for the citations...honestly, I did a search before asking for a citation and didn't find anything overly relevant. However even the reports you reference don't really provide more than 8 years of data that do not specify what would be considered 'normal' losses in a mild or an average over-winter, without influence from insecticides and/or invasive parasites. I would also suggest that resistance to parasites could potentially be impacted by insecticides. Rarely in ecology is the health of a species determined by just a single environmental factor.

Comment Re: News for nerds (Score 1) 866 866

The days of the mom&pop run farms is over. A large percentage of the North American food supply is controlled by corporations. You can't lay that at the feet of GMOs or claim that if GMOs went away then so would the corporations. As far as reduced biodiversity, agricultural sustainability and overuse of pesticides go, these risks are all still there if GMOs go away AND some GMO 'products' have no risks related to any of these. Likewise, many invasive species are more harmful than GMO's; try zebra muscles, purple loosetrife, sparrows, domestic cats.... With that said, I do think corporations, and independent mad scientists, should be accountable for what they release on the world. Anything created to increase the use of a pesticide is not in the Earth's best interest. Anything created that can out-compete and eliminate natural species should be highly regulated with the potential for fines large enough to reverse damage done.

Comment Re:"The Polar Bears will be fine" (Score 1) 372 372

Not to mention things like disproportionate focus on CO2 emission sources that, even if eliminated, would have a negligible effect on overall world emissions (such as Alberta oil[tar]sands). Why? Because they're high profile, polarizing targets that net them more donations than going after high impact targets.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 137 137

So you try to discredit my scale by substituting in an arbitrary scale of your own? You are also trying to imply that old = ancient, suggesting that you have a penchant for hyperbole. As I stated, XP is still very much alive and kicking, with phase out being forced by Microsoft through a cutoff of support more than it becoming obsolete in the business world. Contrast that with DOS, Windows 3.1, NT and 95. Those I would say are potentially ancient, and only persist to run legacy software with no modern alternative (common in laboratories with older gas chromatographs for example).

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