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by Stoutlimb (#47547123) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

If you think the war Russia is waging on Ukraine won't eventually affect the USA you are dangerously mistaken. This the zombie form of the USSR coming back to life and unless contained, will be just as dangerous, if not worse. They are already looking hungrily towards Alaska. Their propaganda machine is already working hard trying to convince their own people and the rest of the world that it should be given back, or taken by force. (Keep in mind, recent invasions of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Chechnya all started with stupid propaganda exactly like this.)

It's absolutely in USA's interest to stop Russia WAY before it gets close enough to do anything serious to USA. Here's some Russian propaganda aimed directly at the USA, enjoy looking up the nastier stuff on your own.

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by Stoutlimb (#47547095) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

"Russia has ANY natural resources one can think of. They will always be able to substitute imports with internal production."

They can, but it won't save them if they're isolated. Their entire economy is run like an organized crime scam, where the strong constantly rob the weak, and the only thing keeping it going is the cash coming into Russia from abroad from energy sales. If that were taken away, they would quickly devour each other and rot away in their own filth. This is the economic reason why the USSR collapsed even though they had those same natural resources. Their society is structured in such a way as to constantly move towards collapse unless they are either expanding millitarily or have a constant flow of money coming in from abroad.

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Speaking as a Ukrainian, you're completely mistaken. Russia has been agressive towards Ukraine for centuries. Besides many millitary invasions, an occupation that lasted generations, there was also the genocide planned in Moscow that in the 1930's killed 11 million Ukrainians. Russia has historically been hungriest for Ukrainian blood above all else, and it doesn't look like things will change any time soon.

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A few months ago, the Russian government was trying to woo Ukraine into an "economic union" with Russia. Cue street protests, a president that flees, and new democratic elections for a president that the people actually want. Now, Russia is shooting rockets and artillery into Ukraine. That has to be the worst case of sore-loserism and poor sportsmanship I've ever seen. All Russian behaviour does is prove to Ukrainians that they made the right choice in steering their country away from a madman. Friends and an "economic union" with Russia was in fact a trap, and Ukrainians knew this very well. Today's news proves every worst fear Ukrainians had about Russia.

The point is, Ukrainians aren't chosing to be USA's puppet, or the EU's puppet, or whatever. Ukrainians are choosing to live a normal life that's not influenced by complete psychopaths. The worst and ugliest EU or USA can do to Ukraine doesn't compare to what Russia has already done. So from the Ukrainian point of view, talking about US or EU "puppet strings" is a complete joke. You should try talking about something serious.

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False. Water memory, a form of homeopathy, has been around since 1796, long pre-dating understanding of molecules. The idea of water memory comes from people who start with a conclusion, and grab random scientific jargon to supply "evidence". It's like science, but backwards and nonsensical. The specific "facts" people use to sell their fake cureall potions change over the years depending on what scientific buzzwords are popular at the time.

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