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Comment: It doesn't matter. (Score 1) 336

by StormyWeather (#44422715) Attached to: How Outdated Data Distorts Doctors' Pay

If a 15 minute colonoscopy costs 2000 dollars, or a 75 minute colonoscopy costs 2000 dollars it's the same thing.

What these articles are really pushing is to lower the pay of doctors by 75 percent. I'm not going to argue for or against that, but it's the actual argument here. Can we as a society give doctors and surgeons a 75 percent haircut on salary and still expect the same level of service.

Also what profession exists that charges no base time and at a 15 minute interval? Most IT people I know charge a 1 hour minimum even for a phone call, and a trip fee on top of that if they have to go somewhere.

If I have to go out and show someone how to reboot their computer by holding down the power button for 5 seconds it will be 85 dollars plus a 50 dollar trip fee even if that customer is 3 minutes away, and I'm there for 5 minutes.

Comment: Screws customers who want a tech to do set-up (Score 2) 608

by StormyWeather (#44226649) Attached to: The Black Underbelly of Windows 8.1 'Blue'

I've made a tidy sum for years helping people get their systems set up. About 10 to 15 pc's a week. They drop them off at my office new, and I install everything they need including office, which I often purchase for them, transferring accounting software, data, photos, and other freeware/open source aps, and paied for applications they provide me licenses to.

Windows 8 goes and fucks this all up. I can with windows 8 still bypass the stupid Microsoft account, but with the new office no dice. I either have to register my customers software under my account which to me is stealing their software, or ask them to set up an account (which to them is hard, that's why they came to me to begin with), so I have 3 copies of office 2013 home and business sitting on my desk that I'm stuck with now, because I won't install them on a customers computer. I install Libre office, and tell customers they have to purchase and install office themselves because of problems with licensing. I also tell them that I have installed a good free office software, and they might want to give it a try before buying office.

The thing about google is that there is co-BENEFIT to signing up with a google account. Google backs up my android settings, automatically backs up all my phone photos to G+, allows me to use google apps, a nice synchronized calendar, a place to buy applications or download free applications that are vetted to be virus free, and I can turn all of that off if I don't want to use it. With Microsoft I see almost no benefit whatsoever except for them.

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by StormyWeather (#44118229) Attached to: How Much Is Your Gmail Account Worth To Crooks?

Maybe because their search history engine sucks, and I need to be able to research and search through my amazon transactions using google, or outlook. If they disabled it I would go back to newegg for a lot of my amazon transactions because I like having a textual email reciept for all of my vendor transactions.

Comment: As a god fearing conservative. (Score 3, Funny) 341

by StormyWeather (#43967675) Attached to: What Can You Find Out From Metadata?

Could any of you democrats PLEASE PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU to TAKE Lindsey Graham and stick the Democrat tag on him. For the love of everything that is right and good in this world. We conservatives HATE THIS DOUCHEBAG.

We will take Ben Nelson in exchange, and vote for gay marriage in exchange.

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