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Comment: Re:Kickstarter (Score 1) 227

The 9500 Kickstarter backers got their DK1 for their money.

Which is now about as useful as an HD-DVD DK. Great if you want to play around on your own, but useless for actually developing anything because it's an abandoned platform that has no compatible consumer product.

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 2) 950

Most of them aren't "woe-is-me"-ing. They're say "society offered a choice between X and Y, and after weighing the relative benefits, we decided we prefer Y". We're not the ones going "OMG, they didn't choose X! MASCULINITY CRISIS!!"

The problem with the article is people like you are failing to realize the harsh truths run both ways:
1. The world only cares about what it can get from me / I only care about what I can get from the world.
2. What I Produce Does Not Have to Make Money, But It Does Have to Benefit People / People don't have to pay me to cooperate, but I do expect to benefit from doing so.
3. I Hate Yourself Because I Don't Do Anything / I hate you because you don't do anything for me.
4. What I Am Inside Only Matters Because of What It Makes Me Do / Society only matters because of what it does for me.
5. Everything Inside Me Will Fight Improvement / Society will also fight improvement.

Comment: Because clearly... (Score 1) 186

The organization suggests researchers, health officials, and journalists should use more neutral, generic terms, such as severe respiratory disease or novel neurologic syndrome instead.

...there will only ever be one severe respiratory disease, so there's no risk of negative medical outcomes from a patient getting incorrect treatments when doctors confuse one for another.

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 1) 950

The relationship between opioids, the brain, and addiction is similar to the one between sugars, the pancreas, and diabetes: you have an organ whose function is to regulate hormone levels in a feedback system. There is a chemical which stresses these feedback system which, while not inherently dangerous, can over time lead to the organ losing it's ability to continue the regulation. How likely this is to occur varies from one person to another.

Comment: Re:Australian here with wishful thinking (Score 1) 125

1. Pursued these companies for company tax, not just make them pass on GST from our pockets.

Yes, make the corruptions take the tax out of the money they get from the magic money tree behind their headquarters building, not from the money their customers pay!

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 1) 950

Heroin was an over the counter cough rememdy for most of this country's history. Most of the people who used it did not become addicted to it. Addiction is a biochemical disorder in the production or action of various hormones, not a physical property of chemicals.

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 4, Insightful) 950

What is needed, is to teach young men, how to get into the mindset of women, what they need to say, and how to 'project' themselves so they can get laid more.

e.g. as a male, you have no right to any expression of yourself as you are. Your intended function is purely to be what others want you to be, even if that means a hellish life of total self-abnegation.

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