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Comment Re:easy (Score 1) 93

No, it's really more like:

1. Criminal wants to access fingerprint-based facility
2. Criminal bashes hole in door, eliminating need for fingerprints

The only reason you need the fingerprints is if you want to be able to enter surreptitously, which you're obviously not worried about once you get to the "cutting off people's fingers" stage.

Comment Tax Policy Problem (Score 1) 940

It's a result of the fact that most local government services are paid for predominately with property taxes.

When costs scale with the number of people and revenue doesn't, it's inevitable that zoning will end up discouraging new residential construction, particularly high density residential contruction.

Comment Comparing apples to miniature oranges (Score 3, Informative) 409

It should be noted that the average US male (5'10" vs. 5'8") and female (5'5" vs. 5'3") in 2015 are both two inches taller than their 1960 counterparts. Based on the cube law, you'd expact the average female weight to have increased almost 10% as a result ((65/63)^3 = 1.098).

Increased height accounts for more than half of the weight gain noted in the study.

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