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Comment: The problem is the interface (Score 3, Interesting) 172

by Stormwatch (#48909581) Attached to: Windows 10 IE With Spartan Engine Performance Vs. Chrome and Firefox

I can't stand Chrome and IE, and Spartan seems to have the same problem: they all have non-standard interfaces, and that's infuriating.

Compare these pictures: GOOD versus SHIT. See the difference? One has proper title and menu bars. It follows the system's standards. It has good usability. It looks like all programs are supposed to look. The other uses its own blue alien interface that doesn't match anything else in the system.

Fuck Chrome, fuck IE, fuck Spartan, and fuck every developer who doesn't obey the system's HIG.

Comment: Re:They say a picture is worth a thousand words... (Score 1) 59

by Stormwatch (#48860769) Attached to: The Fixes Sony's DualShock 4 Controller Still Needs

Regardless of who came first, Sony's design is objectively worse.

What are the most used elements to control a game? Left analog stick and face buttons. Therefore, they should get the "sweet spots" of the controller, to be more accessible, more reachable. Sony's design fucks up by making the d-pad more prominent, to detriment of the left stick.

This only made sense as a quick and cheap way to add analog sticks to a controller that wasn't originally planned for that. But after the first version, Sony was just stubborn or lazy to insist on that clearly inferior arrangement.

And about the letters, that's the way the Dreamcast had them, and that's the best console ever. So there.

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