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Comment: Re:Figures... (Score 1) 727

by StonyUK (#41761779) Attached to: Microsoft Urges Businesses To Get Off XP

Does your clever use of the dollar sign indicate the money Microsoft want to save by not having to support an 11 year old operating system after they have already released three newer versions. Or perhaps the money they would like to reinvest in research and development but can't because they have to keep supporting a decade old legacy? I think after 11 years, people have had a good run. After all, what was an XP licence? $200? What do you still own that you bought for $200 in 2001 and which is still maintained by the vendor?

Comment: Re:Weigh with average income (Score 2) 195

by StonyUK (#40731517) Attached to: If You Lived In Riga, You Wouldn't Bother To Cut the Cord

That is because, quite simply, it makes no economic sense to save cash. Even using the hilariously manipulated official statistic of inflation, the Consumer Price Index, the US dollar has an inflation rate of 1.66%. Using the CPI as it was originally designed without the manipulation gives you a real inflation rate of ~5%. Now, a savings account will pay you, what? .35% interest if you're lucky? A 1 year CD rate will pay you about 1% or so. A 1 year treasury bond will pay about .2%. This means to an American if they keep cash or any other traditionally "safe" investments of cash they are taking a guaranteed loss. Which means that their only other options are to invest it in stocks, foreign bonds, real estate, or commodities such as gold or silver in order to even keep the same purchasing power they have today.

You don't have save or invest - why not pay off your mortgage or car loan early instead?

Input Devices

Is the Line-in Jack On the Verge of Extinction? 411

Posted by timothy
from the erasing-the-analog-hole dept.
SlashD0tter writes "Many older sound cards were shipped with line-out, microphone-in, and a line-in jacks. For years I've used such a line-in jack on an old Windows 2000 dinosaur desktop that I bought in 2000 (600 Mhz PIII) to capture the stereo audio signal from an old Technics receiver. I've used this arrangement to recover the audio from a slew of old vinyl LPs and even a few cassettes using some simple audio manipulating software from a small shop in Australia. I've noticed only recently, unfortunately, that all of the four laptops I've bought since then have omitted a line-in jack, forcing me to continue keeping this old desktop on life support. I've looked around for USB sound cards that include a line-in jack, but I haven't been too impressed by the selection. Is the line-in jack doomed to extinction, possibly due to lobbying from vested interests, or are there better thinking-outside-the-box alternatives available?"

Comment: Re:US vs UK... (Score 1) 1174

by StonyUK (#29985642) Attached to: Plug vs. Plug — Which Nation's Socket Is Best?

I totally agree and would add to it the fact that US sockets seem to get so loose over time that plugs will simply fall out and have to be balanced in the socket. Very common problem in hotels and apartment buildings. Also, I am used to seeing sparks flash and arc when inserting & removing things from the wall. Not at all comforting when the device at the other end is a laptop.

IMHO the only thing the US system has got is the nice small size of the plug itself.

Comment: Supplementing, not replacing (Score 1) 213

by StonyUK (#29172991) Attached to: Apple vs. Google, Who Will Control the iPhone?

I don't understand Apple's argument that this would replace core iPhone functionality. It doesn't replace it, it simply provides another way of making calls. The user won't be confused - after all, it was them who installed Google Voice in the first place. Both Skype and the actual "Phone" app both offer me a phone keypad to make calls with and I am not confused in the slightest about the meaning of both. It's like BT not allowing a landline customer to own a mobile phone because having two handsets might confuse...

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