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+ - 2 Groups planning Raspberry Pi / Arduino Killers 1

Submitted by Stonent1
Stonent1 (594886) writes "A product known as the Udoo is claiming they've produced a Raspberry Pi and Arduino killer all in one. The Udoo has a 2 or 4 core Freescale Arm Cortex A9, a secondary Cortex M3, HDMI, 1GB Ram and a Arduino Due shield header for a little over $100. BeagleBone isn't far behind either, the Beaglebone Next Gen is supposed be about 1/2 the price of the current Beaglebone ($89 currently) and be faster as well. It will be cool to see what else is up in the hand held hobby computer department."

+ - Are gut microbes making you fat?->

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Stonent1 writes "A recent Newsweek article explains how some scientists have linked body weight to the quantity and type of bacteria in your digestive system and that in experiments in mice they can alter the weight of the mouse by transferring certain bacteria to their digestive system. It is hypothesized that some bacteria are more efficient at converting what you eat into what your body can use for energy and in those cases you would gain weight more easily. Conversely, people who are more slim have a greater abundance of less efficient bacteria so the body is not able to make use of all the food coming in. If further studies support this data, we may at some time be able to alter the balance with dietary supplements."
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