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It doesn't matter what the 'perspective' is. All that matters is science. If you're against science, you lose, period. BTW I love the racism in your comment where you say Westerners can understand things but people of color lack the ability. I bet they love you down at the KKK hall on Saturday nights.

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by DNS-and-BIND (#47929297) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

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by stevew (#47927293) Attached to: A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires

How well is that going to work in CA where the big problem is just finding water at the moment? We won't talk about all of the incidence recently where millions of gallons were released like at UCLA (Uggh!).

Actually having been to a couple of wild-land fires with what was then called CDF in an auxiliary capacity I do have some knowledge of the process. The reality is that just plain H2O is used as often as retardant, and that all kinds of aircraft are put in to service for air-drops.

The big thing about the DC-10 is carries a lot of H2O! It is also going to be limited as to what areas it can drop in. CA is a hilly place and there are some terrain features where it wouldn't be safe to take such a large aircraft. We also have copters and smaller fixed wing aircraft in use. They all play a part.


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My wife just died of breast cancer this week -- she did not live to be 40 -- so articles and research like this give me hope that, when our child grows up, cancer will not be something that takes people's lives away from them so quickly and so young.

Mine passed a year ago last Saturday of uterine cancer; she was 33. You're probably feeling absolutely gutted right about now. Things will improve slowly, but they will improve. Just yesterday, I was looking through photos for something to illustrate a fundraising page for a run benefiting cancer research. I got a bit choked up on an engagement photo, but that only served to tell me that was the picture to use. Those kinds of things will most likely keep happening for a long time to come...probably forever, at some level. They'll come along less frequently, though, and mostly around things like birthdays and anniversaries. Keeping busy—with work, friends, hobbies, etc.—might help; it seems to have helped me out, at least.

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There are three professions where being untruthful is the key to success: Lawyers, salespeople, and marketing. All three are hired to portray their client in the most favorable light possible, and the very best ones lie through their teeth. The worst of these three are the marketers because they have legions of psychologists and scientists trying to figure out the best way to lie to people.

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Here is an interesting page showing how to use DslrDashboard (open source) with TP-Link Battery Powered Wireless router along with LR Timelapse to have a really powerful way to control your camera. Except for the LR Timelapse portion, the DSLR dashboard is open source and you're using Open WRT. The hardware on the battery router is pretty much identical to a commercial offering (whose name escapes me right now) that is charging $$$$$$ for this type of set up.

I've got the components, and hope to find a weekend free soon to hook it to my Canon 5D3 for some time-lapse and other controlled shooting. I figured it nothing else, this would breathe a bit more useful life back into my old Motorola Xoom tablet.

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Yep, that's precisely what I was thinking...the iPad with the general public, has become a generic word for 'tablet'.

Kinda like Kleenex is pretty much any facial tissue you blow your nose on, Xerox is any copy machine, and in the south, Coke pretty much means any type of carbonated beverage (as in "hey, you want a coke or something?" "Yes", "Ok, what flavor?")

Coke-or-something being one word when asked...

But yes, I've heard before people asking, "what kind of iPad do you have there?"

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Simple -- they're at a MegaChurch near you.

But what they do, when, say, Ted Haggard gets high and engages in gay sex, is say... well, he wasn't really saved before. But this time (after the whole rededication / rebaptism) it'll stick -- pinky swear.

And that's really where I think a lot of my Protestant brothers are incorrect -- they focus too much on whether a person is "saved" and not what happens afterward. What MUST happen afterwards that the faith should bear fruit, otherwise, the faith is dead. (Those who keep the faith to the end...)

So what is that fruit? Corporal works of Mercy, becoming more Christ-like, always continuing to refine one's self, abandoning venial sin habits, etc. Those are the fruits of a faith that is alive and well.

tl;dr: Don't just be a pew sitter on Sunday morning because you like the coffee or the praise band (Prayer Bolt.. ) or want to feel like you're part of the club. "Oh hey, we're part of Faith Grace Meadow Church -- yeah, the one the size of a Wal-Mart superstore. Yeah, the praise band makes me feel happy, and the pastor just talks about what's in the Bible."

"Oh, I was thinking about trying Grace Faith Meadow, they say they teach just what's in the bible too"


And so on, and so forth. The riff on the People's Front of Judea and the Judean People's Front from Life of Brian was intentional.

And while I'm wound up...

The segregation I see in the Protestant Community really bothers me. "Oh, we only send our kids to christian school (or homeschool)" -- meaning that there are fewer points of light in the public schools.

Or, "We only buy Christian media" -- fine, but then without Christian influence the culture rots faster.

It's time for Christians to stop segregating ourselves, and START FIGHTING THE CULTURE WAR. Start throwing some (metaphorical) punches at the culture.

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There is a misconception that the Catholic Church has a "point system" -- it doesn't.

What the Church encourages is to live out your faith -- and, as James eloquently points out -- a faith without works is a dead faith.

Logically, this makes sense. If you've truly accepted Christ, and His commandments to be more like Him, then your life *should* be different from what it was before.

You are correct that none of us can get to Heaven on our own. We need Christ's grace and mercy -- my point is simply, we can turn back on that journey of ours at anytime.

This is what "those who have faith at the end" means -- those of us who have the faith at the end of our lives enter in to Glory.

Many Christians mistakenly believe that once "saved", always "saved", therefore they can do as they please because grace covers it. So it's OK to cheat on their spouse, steal, murder, etc, because after all, well, they just love Jesus enough and He died on the cross for it, so no worries, let's party!

This line of thinking is folly.

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I'm not persuaded that, once properly accepted, salvation can be relinquished

That flies against free will. One could, theoretically, at some future date, reject Christianity and lose their salvation.

The Protestant argument is that they never had Salvation to begin with... so when they rededicate their life (again), are they truly saved that second / third / fourth time?

For some of us -- because I've experienced Christ present in the Eucharist, I could never turn away from my faith. But the choice remains mine.

This is probably the wrong venue for this discussion though. If you would like to continue, shoot me an email.

As for faith bearing fruit: what specific fruit did the saved thief on the cross beside Christ bear?

Acceptance that he was a sinner who deserved his fate, and earnestly asking Christ to deliver him.

Always leave room to add an explanation if it doesn't work out.