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Comment: Re:Options (Score 1) 789

by StoneOldman79 (#33237890) Attached to: I Wish My Car Had A...

All of those laws only effect other drivers if something bad happens. When cyclist break laws such as running red lights, making unsafe lane changes, passing on the right, driving so slowly as to impede traffic, etc it directly effects other drivers; they have to react to it.

If someone in a car runs a red light it does not effect other drivers?

I find it less of a problem when a cyclist runs a light:
A cyclist braking the law is very likely going to get hurt the most if something goes horribly wrong.
The cyclist is probably going to make VERY sure he does not going to be in the way of something big and heavy made of steel on four wheels with the right of way.

A motorist who brakes the law is very likely to (also) hurt or even kill somebody else.

Comment: Re:IT all depends (Score 1) 420

by StoneOldman79 (#33075738) Attached to: Internal Costs Per Gigabyte — What Do You Pay?
Yep, 30$ seems a lot but there are many, many factors we don't know:
* how many IOPS do you get?
* does price include the fileserver / is fileserver separately billed?
* include software/license for server+client (& virusscanning) ?
* Do you get 100% uptime guarantee on multiple locations?
* Do you get daily backups for the last 10 years?
People tend to look at the GB price for a consumer but "just the disk space" is not the biggest expense.
It is not so easy to determine the price you "should" pay..

Comment: Re:Pay attention (Score 2, Insightful) 144

by StoneOldman79 (#33027256) Attached to: Online Banking Trojan Stole Money From Belgians
Entering some extra recognizable info in the 2-way factor authentication is indeed "the way to go".
Account number is not that user friendly (and which number to enter if you have multiple transfers in one go?)
My current online bank requires me to type in the amount of money to transfer as an extra fail-safe.
This should be "good enough" for the near future.
Sadly, many online banks do not have anything like this. Not implementing proper security and paying to "robbed" customers is apparently still the cheapest option.

Comment: Re:That's Great But... (Score 1) 688

by StoneOldman79 (#32563192) Attached to: $1 Trillion In Minerals Found In Afghanistan
Although it would be great a functioning government would emerge I highly doubt it.
If you would compare potential wealth (by minerals) and peace in a country in e.g. Africa those appear to be totally unrelated.
I'm afraid it even might be the reverse.
Country's with no minerals seem to have less to fight about.

Comment: Re:heat (Score 1) 240

by StoneOldman79 (#32456232) Attached to: AMD's Fusion Processor Combines CPU and GPU
Heat will only be a problem if they aim to replace the video cards from (hardcore) gaming system...
Problably not.
I guess they are aiming for the largest market:
cheap, but "good enough" graphics for the lowest possible price point.
Maybe it will be also be used for physics acceleration and similar high-computing tasks but only time will tell.

Comment: Re:Slower than current aircraft (Score 1) 459

To simplify, lets assume the plane instantly loads and departs and magically requires no maintenance nor cleaning. That means the 8 hour flightplan makes 3 trips per day. And the 10 hour flightplan (drumroll as slashdotters get out their HP-48 calculators) makes 2.4 flights per day.

According to my statistics the instant loading/departure makes you're case better than it is: If you add e.g. 10 hours for loading/unloading and maintenance that it becomes 18 vs 20 hours. So that's 1,3 vs 1,2 trips a day. Not so big difference I say...

Comment: Re:System restore stinks. Image your disk (Score 1) 449

by StoneOldman79 (#32062330) Attached to: Win7 Can Delete All System Restore Points On Reboot
I will admit AD is pretty neat for a Windows environment.
Although most features are copied from stuff company's already did before MS.
(E-directory & Zenworks e.g.)
On the Linux front I miss a REAL integrated solution with LDAP + Kerberos which is easy to setup.
IPA/FREE-IPA is getting there but its not really finished.
Desktop management...
All the windows tools for windows combined won't come even close to e.g. Puppet for management of Linux (desktops).

Comment: Re:Government at its finest (Score 1) 294

by StoneOldman79 (#29702813) Attached to: Open Source Could Have Saved Ontario Hundreds of Millions

But the government tends to ignore its voters for the most part. A private company ignores its customers at its peril.

In a normal market place this might be true.
However real competition seems to be failing in huge areas.
So in practice just a few company's are running the markets.
This is partly due to enormous costs to get into markets and partly because things are simply not that easy to compare.
So how much choice do we have in reality?
Comparing health care insurance is not that simple for example.
Lots of people won't read all the insurance stuff and others will just not understand all the implications.

Not to say that all company's are bad...
Just that government at least seems to have the "do no evil part" (well, intentionally :) right

Lately the company's seem to cash-in in high tides while in the bad times the financial losses are put in the public domain.
A few examples to think of are the Banking & Car industries.

So for my part really important things, like healthcare, should be run by the government.

Comment: Re:You're damn right it is too broad (Score 1) 232

by StoneOldman79 (#29463637) Attached to: Major MMO Publishers Sued For Patent Infringement
Yes and No, I agree it is to broad but the patent mentioned above by negRo_slim seems to be a multicast based system.
So actually it more or less applies to "real-time" data sharing with lots of hosts.
Which does not apply to any of the examples you mentioned...
It is however a patent that is lame. The multicast protocol by itself is sort of prior art.

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