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Submission + - Polar watch sync not available all weekend

StirlingArcher writes: Having purchased a Polar Heart Rate Monitor on Friday, I was looking forward to creating a personal training program and uploading it to Polar through their Websync application (and expensive Flow Link widget). This reported SSL issues and have not worked all weekend, as can be seen by the number of people worldwide reporting on their Facebook page.

No response from Polar the whole weekend = bad for business.

Can't say this is a great start to my Polar experience.

Comment Better produce better drivers then (Score 1) 681 681

My Lenovo Y580 worked really well with Windows 7 and almost as well with 8. 8.1 totally stuffed the WiFi, and it only works properly when using the Intel Windows 7 driver. If this hadn't worked, I would have reverted to Windows 7. I now remember why my last PC was a Mac....

Submission + - How would you secure your Parents' PC?

StirlingArcher writes: I've always built/maintained my Parents' PC's, but as Mum has got older her PC seems to develop problems more readily. I would love to switch her to Linux, but she struggles with change and wants to stay with Vista and MS Office.

I've done the usual remove Admin rights, use a credible Internet Security package. Is there anything more dramatic that I could do, without changing the way she uses her PC or enforcing a new OS on her again?

One idea was to use a Linux OS and then run Vista in a VM, which auto-boots and creates a backup image every so often.

Thanks for any help!

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