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Comment: Re:from the Institute of the Blindingly Obvious (Score 1) 454

by StingyJack (#48457711) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist
That's just HR Drones looking for their beloved checklist items. Someday they will learn, I hope.
As someone without a degree, I can tell you that those "requirements" evaporate rather quickly if you are even mildly persistent or have even half that time in real world job experience.

Comment: Re:Software maintenance (Score 1) 204

by StingyJack (#45967517) Attached to: Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Newegg Patent Case
If I have a copy of software on a floppy diskette, and I run a magnet by it, is it not at least somewhat ruined? What if that was the only location where that software existed? Isn't it "lost" or degraded? Software is not magically ported or retained. The electrons _can_ get screwed up, even on "good" media. This happens to all kinds of media, and when transferring to/from. Time will claim all copies.

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