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Comment: Free performance boost (Score 1) 481

by StikyPad (#49337875) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory

I was about to upgrade my hardware, but instead I just pulled all my DIMMs and I'm only using virtual memory now. My computer is like a million times faster, and I think it even got rid of some viruses that were hiding in memory.

Now if I could just figure out why that goddamned System Idle Process is using so much CPU time!!!!!

Comment: Re:Cruise control? (Score 1) 282

by StikyPad (#49335479) Attached to: Ford's New Car Tech Prevents You From Accidentally Speeding

Pretty soon folks will get used to tuning out while driving

And I'm all for it. Bring on the self-driving cars already. I love driving -- on empty roads -- but the daily commute or errand run begs for automation.

Anyway, who obeys the speed limit? Faster traffic means less traffic, which benefits everyone.

Comment: Re:twin peaks (Score 1) 166

by StikyPad (#49335059) Attached to: The X-Files To Return

Just the fact that its episodes weren't self-contained, it's subject matter was the rape and murder of a teenage girl, and the fact that it had supernatural elements made it pretty revolutionary for 1990.

Not true at all. "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" had rape in the first episode, and much of his stuff involved the supernatural. It could easily be argued that he was the pioneer of the genre in television, a good 40 years before Twin Peaks. Of course, judging by our relative moderation points, people want to believe good things about Twin Peaks, and so they do. I guess that's the X-Files connection.

As far as story arcs, the contemporary (to Twin Peaks) "Picket Fences" had all of the things you're describing as well. Incidentally, Picket Fences almost had an actual crossover with the X-Files.

And I don't begrudge people who actually like Twin Peaks, even if I cannot fathom the reasons, but I do think it's more of a "it's good because people say it's good," phenomenon than anything else.

Comment: Re:Someone doesn't undestand the Bechtel test. (Score 1) 515

by StikyPad (#49330433) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?

Agreed, "might."

For what it's worth, I never encouraged my daughter to pursue stereotypically female toys or activities. She seemed to prefer them either innately, or perhaps because her friends did. I did manage to get her interested in gaming though, although I'm supportive of whatever she finds fulfilling.

Comment: Re:We should stop using the word renewable (Score 1) 316

by StikyPad (#49329223) Attached to: Costa Rica Goes 75 Days Powering Itself Using Only Renewable Energy

I don't have a fear of nuclear, and I used to be fully in favor of it, but the reality is that accidents can and will happen. If a solar or wind plant goes offline, there's just no electricity. If a nuclear plant goes offline, it can potentially result in catastrophic contamination of the surrounding geography. That's a reality that must be factored into risk vs reward.

Comment: Re:Someone doesn't undestand the Bechtel test. (Score 1) 515

by StikyPad (#49328925) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?

I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't love to talk about relationships with other women. Hers, her friends, a celebrity, whatever. It's by far the most popular subject. And while men may not talk about relationships per se, we do talk about women. A lot. In fact, there's a convincing argument to be made that everything we do is in the pursuit of securing or keeping a mate, so it's not so strange that we would talk about it, male or female. (Replace opposite sex with same sex as applicable -- this is not a hetrosexual phenomenon.)

Cartoonists are good at getting a laugh (hopefully), and on the surface this is something that people may not have noticed before it was pointed out, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It's funny that we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway, but do we need to resolve that by rewriting our dictionaries? Probably not.

The insulting thing about the "Bechtel test" is actually that it diminishes the importance of these conversations. There is certainly a place for women in all areas of society, but insulting what many find to be the most important to them is not the way to encourage that. You don't have to shit on the volunteer fire department to encourage people to feed the homeless. We can applaud some portrayals without mocking others.

"I may kid around about drugs, but really, I take them seriously." - Doctor Graper