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Comment Sitting in Driveways (Score 1) 252 252

autonomous cars are more likely to be shared and constantly in use, rather than sitting in your driveway 90% of the time.

Sorry, no. If I want to "share" a car, I'll call a taxi, or uber. The whole point of owning a car is that it's there when you need it, and since 90% of the people need 90% of the cars at the same (local) time, namely rush hour, it's not going to benefit me to share the car. Especially if I hop in to find dirty upholstery, or trash in the car, or physical damage to the interior.

That said, electronics are cheap. No matter how expensive they were to develop, once mass-produced, the total cost quickly approaches the cost to manufacture. The reason electronics like navigation and cameras are expensive in cars today is because they can charge a ridiculous amount. Charging for "premium audio," or "lane departure" is all about market segmentation -- charging people 25% more for the same car. Once features start coming standard on low-end models, then new features are added to charge more for, and the process continues.

Since "automated driving" is a pretty basic feature of a driverless car, the technology itself shouldn't cost much once it hits critical mass. At that point, expect car manufacturers to add butt-fluffer massage seats and augmented reality windows and charge thousands. And of course, the "premium audio" upsell will never go away.

Comment Re:Critical thinking (Score 1) 132 132

It seems ridiculous to have an entire course dedicated to STI prevention. Is it just relabeled sex-ed, or do they have a separate course for that?

Also, what is the alleged political motivation? Preventing STIs is a pretty big public health issue. I don't hear anyone complaining that they teach about DUIs in Driver's Ed, for example.

Comment Re:Won't allow forwarding? (Score 1) 192 192

If only people had easy access to some sort of device that didn't rely on the Operating System in order to capture visual data. Like some sort of tiny camera that they always kept with them. Maybe it could be built-in to some other object that they already keep on them out of habit. We're probably decades away from anything like that, but who knows what the mysterious future holds!

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