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Comment: Cruel Inversion (Score 2) 222

by StikyPad (#46295515) Attached to: Sony's Favorite Gadget Is Kinect

pushing a product on the public with the hope that it will be useful once we have it is a cruel inversion of how product adoption should be handled.

Nonsense. People buy a product like a game console speculating that they will get future use out of it. This doesn't always pan out, as many second and third-gen consoles can demonstrate quite well. You can certainly make the argument (and I believe the author has) that the XBone raises the risk too high, and that's a valid point, but the only inversion going on here is the one between reality and wishful thinking.

Comment: Re:Everyone creates arbitrary lines (Score 1) 628

by StikyPad (#46021177) Attached to: 200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

What's more cruel, caging chickens, or pricing food out of reach of the poor? While I acknowledge that it doesn't have to be a dichotomy, I would suggest that eliminating human starvation is a higher priority than deciding whether chickens are sad (but obviously not starving) and if so, how to remedy that.

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