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Comment Never waste a good crisis (Score 0) 106

Old news. This happened last year. The most interesting part of the entire article appears at the end, almost as an aside.

"Prosecutors said Albert Gonzalez, perhaps the most renowned hacker, perpetrated his biggest theft ... According to a 2009 federal indictment, he used computers located in the U.S., Latvia and Estonia, in a conspiracy that netted more than 100 million stolen credit-card numbers."

Disturbing given the sheer magnitude of people affected.

Comment Re:Why does Google need to 'partner' with the NSA? (Score 0) 122

Well... theoretically they could. I suppose they would probably more efficient than two or three govt. agencies by an exponential factor too. It's more a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils but remembering that they're both still evil.

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