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Re:Talent versus experience...  *Wednesday February 07, 2001 @04:17PM  1
   attached to Does Age Really Matter?
Re:RMS = Dinosaur  *Sunday October 22, 2000 @09:56AM  1
   attached to Richard Stallman vs. Jorrit Tyberghein
Re:Is it just me...  *Monday October 16, 2000 @07:28PM  1
   attached to Handspring's New Palm-OS Entrants: Color and Speed
Re:What patent  *Monday October 02, 2000 @01:55PM  1
   attached to Rijndael Picked for AES
Re:Not a Simple Issue.. Not Applicable  *Monday August 21, 2000 @02:46PM  1
   attached to 2600's Response to the DeCSS desicion
Didn't anyone *READ* this article?  *Monday June 26, 2000 @03:01PM  1
   attached to Could This be the End of the Internet?
Patent Office says they are NOT patenting genes!!  *Tuesday March 14, 2000 @09:45AM  1
   attached to Human Genome To Be Released To Public
Re:Ambivalence.  *Saturday March 04, 2000 @03:02PM  1
   attached to Bezos Responds to Tim O'Reilly's Open Letter
IRIX unscalable?!  *Monday February 14, 2000 @09:17AM  1
Re:Every seen Bill Gates' charity  *Monday February 14, 2000 @09:08AM  1
   attached to NASA Gives Linux a Chance on Portables
Not too much  *Friday April 23, 1999 @09:01PM  1
   attached to ESR and the MindCraft Fiasco
Try reading the COMPLETE article...  *Wednesday April 21, 1999 @08:46PM  1
   attached to Review:How the Mind Works
Why? Because it's OSS  *Friday March 26, 1999 @06:02PM  2
   attached to Assorted Slashdot Changes
No. You are confused. Here's why  *Tuesday March 23, 1999 @05:53PM  1
   attached to Feature:Why ideas should not be property
There are glitches  *Monday March 22, 1999 @07:31PM  3
   attached to Ask Slashdot: On Oracle and Linux
Even worse. But  *Thursday March 18, 1999 @04:13PM  1
I can't believe...  *Thursday March 18, 1999 @04:04PM  1
   attached to Microsoft Wants $1M of Larry Ellison
14-year olds and stupidity  *Thursday February 18, 1999 @05:18PM  1
   attached to Excerpt:Running to the Mountain
It's like car manufacturer recalls...  *Monday February 15, 1999 @07:28PM  1
   attached to Windows Refund Day update
RMS has no right to "demand" anything...  *Friday February 12, 1999 @06:10PM  1
   attached to Open Source Acid Test Revisted
Rob, Don't POST articles we can't all read!!  *Thursday February 11, 1999 @04:23PM  1
   attached to Does Open Source Fail the Acid Test?
I like this too!  *Tuesday January 26, 1999 @08:22PM  1
   attached to In Defense of Anonymous Cowards
Since when did software broadcast them? duh!  *Monday January 25, 1999 @08:07PM  1
   attached to Intel PSN Boycott Planned
No batteries!  *Thursday January 07, 1999 @04:15PM  1
   attached to Tiny PPC Motherboards

Thus mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true. -- Bertrand Russell